You Had Me at Aloha




Since I am now an avid practitioner of the ancient Ho’oponopono prayer, I’ve felt led to look at some of the other Hawaiian traditions and meanings of words.


Aloha is a gorgeous word, rich and deep in meaning and intention.  It’s kind of like Namaste:  The Divine in me honors and bows to the Divine in you.   Aloha means: The Presence of Divine Breath.


Apparently for those that truly follow Hawaiian spirituality, one cannot say aloha to another if there is anything but love in their hearts.  They must cleanse themselves first and then give the greeting.  It’s a holy word.  A holy exchange.


Aloha is a recognition of the life of another, especially a recognition of the God of Life in another.


In my house, my boys and I have started to say Namaste to one another.  We put our hands together near our hearts, and we look at the other and pause and say the blessing.  It’s so dang powerful!  It’s like time as we know it stops…and there is this soft yet strong Grace that moves between us.  It is holy, truly.


When said with consciousness and with intentionality to bless and honor the other, it’s as if you’ve stepped right into Heaven on Earth.  Actually, you have.


I’m going to start saying Aloha with them too.


Aloha….I see you.  I bless you as one like me.  I honor you, no matter who you are.  I am honored to walk the planet with you.  I send Light to you, not judgment.  I extend kindness and Divine Love.  We are one.


This week, try this out.  Let’s cleanse our hearts.  Let’s bring some sacredness back into these daily lives of ours.  Let’s step out of the matrix and really see who is in front of us.


Try this with people in the car next to you.  Try this with homeless people you pass on the streets.  Try this with your family.  You can say it out loud and you can also say it in your heart.


Just pause long enough to connect with it, to feel it, and to experience the holiness of it.


The vibrations you send to the other will change the world.  And they will change you.


Amen and Aloha,


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