Will You Question?



As I write this it’s Halloween night.  My two teenage sons are off trick or treating, and I am reminded of how I “trick or treated” my way through high school graduation, finally giving it up with great reluctance.


Though I can thoroughly celebrate the fun of the holiday today, there were some years in between in my 20’s when I was vehemently opposed to Halloween, spending my holiday in prayer for all those lost people out there in darkness.


I was such a party pooper!  Resisting all the good for fear of the evil.


I am so glad I opened my heart to listen and opened my eyes to look around.  I am so glad I inquired and cast aside the indoctrinated fear to ask truly curious questions.


I am so glad I did not allow what someone else told me or what I had read to get in the way anymore of my own truth…..or of seeking out different perspectives on the subject.


This was just one area I investigated a broader perspective on.  Now, today, as much as I am aware, I seek out broader perspectives right and left.  And when I don’t, and then later begin to, I realize how constrained I felt in that place of being positioned, having not even looked around for what I might want to consider.


Do you realize how often we just decide how things are?


How “they” are.  How “it” is.  How things work.  How this happened or how it didn’t.  We apply limitation everywhere with our judgments.  With our labels.  With our blame.  With our assumptions.  We tell it like it is damn it!  Well……do we really?  And who really knows it like it is?


Now there is nothing wrong with having an opinion or a preference for how you like things.  Nothing wrong with looking around at all the perspectives and then choosing one you like, one you appreciate, or one you desire.  It’s when we close our eyes and shut our ears and refuse to try on another point of view, that we miss what might be out there to expand us, what might open us to more Compassion, what might call in our Love or Freedom even.


Byron Katie, a woman that specializes in helping others transform their thinking and thus their lives, says, “An unquestioned mind is the only suffering.”


She goes on to say, “The worst thing that has ever happened is an unquestioned thought.”


Think about many problems in our world and in our lives today….don’t many of them stem from men and women being positioned?  Not ever truly taking the time or heart to hear another, to really accept the other even if we don’t agree?  Or from how we have decided things to be without really investigating different perspectives?


Ummmm. Here is one more from Katie, “I don’t let go of my concepts—I question them.  Then they let go of me.”


Now that is something surely to think about!


So as we move into this next week of elections and voting, I am wondering how this questioning might support us as a nation as we move forward.  I am wondering how we might truly stand united even if we vote differently?  Why do we feel such a need to degrade the “opponent”?  Why are they an opponent anyway?


I read this prayer today from Marianne Williamson and it really touched me.


Dear God,
May peace prevail this election season.
Please send Your angels to protect the vote,
casting out all energy that would obstruct our good.
We send love and peace to all the candidates, and to all our fellow Americans.
Bless our country, uplift our politics,
and through us please bless the world.



I want to share one more thing I came across this week regarding the elections.  The words inspired me and lifted me out of any narrow unquestioned thinking going into this week.


“While in the booth, envision a nation of empowered and fulfilled people enjoying abundance, and moving forward in a spirit of joy and enlightenment.  The possibilities for positive change that can be enjoyed by all are limitless.  We can encourage the changes that need to take place by first creating them in consciousness.  Regardless of how different we may appear to each other, the similarities are greater than the differences.  Regardless of who wins this election, you will have done your part in contributing to the greater good if you can hold the image of a common humanity that resides inside each of us.” 


It’s good to have consistent reminders that we are here to extend the good, the holy and the beautiful.  Every day, every minute.  I’m becoming more aware of thinking that isn’t serving this purpose.  Unquestioned thinking that is born in the box of scarcity, judgment, and fear.


Oh gosh it’s so good to be FREE!













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