Anyone Ready to Will Up?





There are some things in life we just need to “man up” about.


We just need to show up, own up, and, as I like to say, “will up.”


You know…will up…..get your will in the driver’s seat and decide something.  Take action or perhaps withdraw action from something.


All of us I imagine have things “from the past” that we want to get past and truly leave behind us.


Or we think we do but we still have some emotional attachment to it or to them.


There are books written about how to do this.  Mp3’s galore you can order about healing from the past and creating a new future.


So I’m not here today to touch all the in’s and out’s of the deeper work of healing or neurology as it relates to moving on from something injurious or painful in our past.


I do however want to steer us very simply in the direction of Now, with the mechanism being our splendidly Powerful Selves.



And I’m going to say to you, quite directly, stop doing what isn’t in your highest good.


You are more powerful than you know.


You are more creative than you believe.


Stop rehashing some old scenario you experienced with someone in the past.


Stop giving your power away by choosing the same perspective about an event you went through.


Stop relinquishing energy to something you cannot do anything about.


Stop deciding you messed up or failed or that they failed you or messed you up.


None of the above is in your highest good or good for you.  None of this will serve you in the Now.  None of this will edify your Present life or Present relationships.


Learn from the past?  Sure, of course, yes.


And move on.  Just plain move on.


I believe, in these days, we have less and less margin for dwelling on anything old that robs our energy today.  We cannot afford to hold perspectives that have us or anyone else as anything less than our Glorious Light selves.


Don’t do it.  Don’t fall prey.


Care enough about yourself and your health and your current mission that you are unwilling to entertain the “old” anymore.


You will find new celestial support……new angelic assistance…and new Divine strength you haven’t tapped into before.  You are so cared for, so surrounded, so loved.


Now there isn’t any room either for being hard on yourself.  Got that?


Just will up.




Make an intention.


Get clear.


Focus on your heart center.  Think of something that makes you feel happy.  Invoke Divine Assistance.  And BE the Powerhouse leader that says, “No more, done, closing that door, moving on.”


And don’t forget to say a whopping WAHOO and kick your heels up, for you have just stepped into a space that is NEW, dynamic and very fertile.


When the old comes knocking on your door, cause it might for awhile, just pay it no attention.  Turn to remembering who you are and how much you love yourself.  Remind yourself that your well-being is too important and there’s too much fun to be had.


And last of all, be grateful for EVERY experience you’ve had.  Be grateful for the past, grateful for who you’ve become because of it, and grateful for all you have learned.

And bless everyone and everything.


All is well.


Onward we go into our abundant future,







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