Who’s Holding You?




Ever have those days when you just would love some extra TLC?


When you would love to know that you are being held by Benevolence?


That your interests and desires are being taken care of and nurtured?


In these present days it’s vital we know we are connected.  Our thriving depends on believing that Providence has our back.  That Providence is holding us.


I know for me sometimes I can get caught up in my five senses…thinking that what I taste, touch, hear, see and smell is all there is or that it is my reality.  When in actuality my reality lies in the unseen and beyond the realm of the senses.


If my happiness is relegated to revolving around my sensory world then I will rise and fall quite easily.  I will go in and out of feeling good, feeling fearful, feeling alone, feeling well, etc.  There is always something in our environment that can be evidence of why we should worry or be frustrated and why we could be anxious or impatient.


I’m learning to think and feel greater than my environment.  To think and feel greater than my body.  I’m choosing to remember that what I see around me is made of 99.99999 % empty space and only .00001% matter.  That fact still surprises me every time I really give it consideration.


I’m choosing to remember that the empty space or the unseen is a seedbed of possibility….and I as the creator of my day can choose what reality I want to make my own.  Do I want to identify with the unseen realm of unlimited possibility and abundance or with the seen world of particles and matter, of what is known and based on past experience?


So on those days when you are looking around you and wondering who’s got your back or wondering if you are really seen and known in this great big galaxy, it’s an opportunity to remember that the Source of all Goodness is holding you.  That as surely as the little kitten is being held by the most unusual of partners, you are being cared for as well.


Though you may not see the arms around you or hear the voice of the One supporting you, you are connected as deeply as is possible with all around you.  You are an integral part of the whole and it’s not even possible to be disconnected from Love, Peace, or Strength.


The belief of separation is fading from humanity.  It never was true, and it’s surely disappearing as the Pure Radiance of God shines brightly to dispel all myths of old.


A new day is truly dawning, and we are all stepping up to take our place arm in arm with one another and arm in arm with Divine Presence.  Even nature, or should I say especially nature, as evidenced in the photo above, is boldly willing to comply, avidly coming forward to align with the sons and daughters of earth for the clarion call of Oneness and Partnership.


Remember, “alone” is just an inner conversation.  “Misunderstood”, “unsupported”, or “ill-equipped”, just isn’t true.  Today you get to decide if you will live according to seen or unseen.


And I’ll let in on something….unseen is magnificent.  Once we tap into what is inherent within us, which is happiness, joy, peace, kindness, love, etc, and move away from those things outside of us that bring us down, we begin to become a people that cannot be moved, and we begin to draw to ourselves what we really want.


This sweet little raccoon…….an unlikely source.  I wonder if it’s time for all of us to realize that perhaps we are the unlikely source for ourselves and others.  That not only are we being held by this Universe, but we can also reach across the standards of status quo for one another.


I’m going to be willing this week to be the “arms” for another, even if it feels different or uncomfortable or stretches me.  And I’m going to remember that there are big strong arms underneath me…. and if I take a moment to think about that, I can even feel them there.
























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