Who Wants a New-Over?


So a new over is kind of like a do over except it’s more powerful.


I made it up today.  I was going to use do over but that didn’t sound quite right.  I really wanted to convey the opportunity to go again and go again NEW.


The area of life I am suggesting a new over in is the area of loving yourself.


What if each of us dedicated our lives to loving ourselves radically?


Now I can just hear some of the conversations going on out there right now.  “But aren’t we supposed to love others first?”


Ummm.  How can we truly love others if we don’t love ourselves first?  Or “Isn’t loving ourselves selfish?”  Yes, it sure is…it’s the most pure form of selfish you’ll ever see.  It’s the kind of selfish that is a prerequisite for humbly giving your gift to the world.


How about this one…”God calls me to put others first right?”  Ummm.  Well if you say so.  What if God’s greatest desire for us is to love ourselves so completely that we go after fulfillment at every turn.  What if we all lived this way from birth?  The world I then see is full of people that are so happy and so at home with themselves that there is no war, there are no judgments, and there is giving and receiving night and day.


A few days ago I heard an interview with a woman that had been in a coma dying from cancer.  The tumors were throughout her body, and she had been given hours to live.  During that time she had an experience with “Unconditional Love”.  She had an experience where she felt perfectly loved, perfectly complete, and loved 100% unconditionally.


She awoke from the coma and within a few days the tumors had shrunk 75%.


She progressively and quickly healed and is in great health today.   It’s a powerful story.


When interviewed and asked what she would say to people about living a healthy life, this is what she said:


Dedicate yourself to loving yourself.

Remember your magnificence.

Honor yourself.

Don’t ever be afraid to stand up for yourself .

Do what makes you happy.

Don’t be hard on yourself ever.

Learn to find the joy again.  (She repeated this one twice.)


The interviewer now has her cell phone alarm set to go off a couple of times a day with the inscription:  REMEMBER YOUR MAGNIFICENCE.


So….who wants a new over?  Who wants an opportunity to start afresh in taking up this call?


It doesn’t matter what the past looks like.  It doesn’t matter about the past 10 years or the past 10 minutes.  NOW is still NOW.  And NOW is still available for you to choose, to believe, and to set off on a new path.


How about we start today with a dedication?   A dedication to love yourself.   A dedication to make this a top priority in your life.


You don’t need to know all the how part today, you just need to start.


If you are willing to make this dedication, then please pray with me.  Notice I said willing…..that’s a really good place to start.


Oh God, You are stunning in your creativity.

You are rich and deep and colorful.

I desire a clean slate, an opportunity to seize this day of unconditional love.

Show me the way, here is my heart and mind.  Make me aware of every place I am hard on myself, and reveal every thought that opposes your design of love.

I dedicate myself to loving myself unconditionally.

Here we go, yeehaw!  🙂


For truly friends, this is what it’s all about.  Loving.  Loving all the time.  Amen.




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