Who Says That’s Mundane?




I was thinking today again about the purpose of this blog.  My vision is to inspire others to live well, to live their best life, and to get in touch with their authentic self.  To that end, I choose to share with you things that I am learning or experiencing that produce those results in my life.  I hope these posts are producing at least the gateway for you to make some new choices or practices in your life.


Just a few moments ago I was coming in from riding my bike.  I had my key in the door and I was turning it when I stopped and just noticed the moment.  I stopped in what could so easily be a mundane moment and just fully experienced the Now.  It was amazing~ I listened, I felt, I looked around my entryway, I gazed at my dog, I smelled the air…..it was as if everything went to slow motion for a moment and I just really lived right then in that moment.


I thought to myself, “Hey this is pretty darn cool” so I kept going.  I did what I always do.  I took my shoes off, I put the key in the drawer, I took off my helmet, I pulled my headset from my ears, I walked into the kitchen, etc.  I just did it all very deliberately and noticed myself in each moment as if it were the only moment I had.


Very quickly, well actually from the moment I became aware while putting my key in the door, I felt very alive, very free, in touch with the sacred.   It felt wonderful.  It was as if all my senses were heightened  and I was living in a very vibrant world.


Even now, as I type this, I am continuing this practice.  A moment ago, I was making tea, and I could feel my kitchen floor beneath my bare feet as if for the first time.


I have often thought about my pets and how present to life they are.  They live in each moment as it is, fully.  They chase the bug around the room, get excited about the person walking by outside, sit and stare out the window, take a nap……they aren’t ruffled by much and they really seem to live NOW.


I highly recommend Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now for an incredible look at living present in the NOW of life.


I have always heard about how we are supposed to live in each moment because it’s all we have, and yet I don’t think I ever really took that in until I read his book.


It was then that I realized how much joy, power, and health I was sacrificing by living in the past or future in my thinking.


Think how much the people in our lives benefit when we are present.  They get US, not us in some other place.  Oooh this is good for me to be talking about today.  I can so easily let my list and what’s next dictate how I engage life.


If I can just remember to tune in to this moment…..what is right before me, and let all my senses activate, then I will live a powerful life. The payoff of living right NOW is huge and there is a discernable difference between this and living unaware in the past or future…..even if that future is five minutes away!


God intended for your life to be excellent, and I believe He set the world in motion in such a way that our moments can be sacred and not mundane.


I hope you will experiment with this soon!  It doesn’t take up precious time, in fact, I would wager it expands time for us.  I am pretty sure when we live NOW that resources we need for the next NOW show up right on time.


Have fun and enjoy the abundance of each moment!




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