Who Gets Your Next Free Pass?

I hope you are having a great summer and taking time to really play.  I am enjoying playing with my boys, friends, and family!  I learned to wakeboard a couple of weeks ago and that has been a blast!  I grew up on the lake skiing and knee boarding, so to add a new water sport at 45 is very fun for me.

Today’s post is about what I call “The Free Pass”, and it applies at a few different levels in our lives.  The inspiration for this concept came to me as I was watching a recent YouTube video where country singing star Martina McBride sang a song with American Idol runner up Lauren Alaina at the CMA Music Festival.  It was a powerful moment.

I watched this seasoned veteran give great honor to the “newbie” and promote her to the Country music world.  This “newbie”, Lauren, is a young 16 yr old who was unknown in the singing world 6 months ago.  I watched as Martina humbly gave a free pass to Lauren.

She used her position to extravagantly give someone else a free ride, an opportunity to shine.  Not only that, but Martina endorses this young singer with her approval, and that endorsement automatically propels Lauren into great favor among the fans of her blossoming career.

This act symbolizes to me one aspect of integrity that we can model.  One aspect of power that we can uphold.  One aspect of humility that we can employ.

Is there someone in your world that you can give a free pass to?  Someone you can endorse, someone you can lift to new places with your approval?  Someone with talent, that perhaps hasn’t paid the prices you have for success, and yet with your free pass and trust can possibly even go further than you?

Let’s take this “free pass” idea a little deeper.

How about giving the Free Pass of forgiveness.

The Free Pass of letting something go, letting someone off the hook without making them pay.

The Free Pass of not making a big deal out of something you might normally.

The Free Pass of acceptance where normally you would judge.

The Free Pass of appreciation when you want to complain.

One level deeper…….how about giving yourself the Free Pass of Grace.

Of Kindness.

Of Self-Compassion.

Of Unconditional Love.

Of Going Again?

So…who gets your free pass (or passes) this week?


Make it a great one!




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