What’s Your View?


Yesterday I was picking up my son from his high school and decided to take a photo of the spot I stand in while waiting for him.  Here it is:



Not bad uh?  This is the “lake” that flows through the center of Austin, and my son’s high school is right next to this body of water.  As I stood there yesterday I realized how thankful I am that he has such a beautiful place to walk near while going to and from school.


There are days he feels stressed or anxious about school, and how cool that he gets to have this view to settle him as he begins his day.  Sometimes I picture him walking across this bridge riding on waves of yellow, gold and pink rays of light….carrying him joyfully and peacefully into his long day at school.


Sometimes all it takes is one view to shift us, to settle us, to anchor us in knowing that everything is really going to be okay.  Sometimes a new view can literally snap us out of a funk or out of a faulty way of thinking.


I was in the gym this morning deep in thought about something that was bugging me.  I didn’t even realize what unproductive thinking I was in.  It was just useless thinking.   Do you know what I am talking about?  It wasn’t taking me anywhere useful and if anything it was zapping energy, creativity, joy, and peace.


I was on the leg press machine when a woman walked by me and smiled really big at me.  I smiled back really big……and that was all it took to snap me out of my swirling thinking.


I started noticing the people around me.  I began to get really present and just look at each face and each body, and I began to wonder what their life was like.  I began to shower kindness and love to each person I saw.  I began to smile, and I also began to be lifted up into a new energy, a new compassion, and a new view!


Before long I heard myself say “I love life.”.


My issues became smaller as I chose to give myself to the present moment.  And the very thing I had been thinking about just didn’t seem to matter as much anymore.  It was actually more resourceful to put it on the shelf and just release it to God.


I believe in every moment of our lives there is ALWAYS a new viewpoint at which to see our lives from.  And I am amazed at what occurs when I am willing to step back and enter into a new one.


Usually all it takes is a willingness and a moment to choose something else.  A willingness to relinquish the perspective you hold where you get to be right  or the one that keeps you unconsciously being a victim.  A willingness to look outside of despair or judgment and take the place of responsibility that paves the way for a new way of considering things.


Here are some questions to ask yourself when feeling stuck:


  1. What other experience is possible right now?
  2. What other feelings are possible right now?
  3. How else can I look at this situation or person right now?
  4. If I was God how would I see this?  What would I think?
  5. What else can I experience that is more open, more beautiful?



If you will ask the questions, you will find provision for a new view that can be exciting, abundant, and full of hope and life.  Just like the beautiful view from the Austin bridge, you really can see new possibilities and enter into a place of calm and assurance.


And it’s not as hard as you might make it up to be.  Be willing.  And take the moment to look from a new angle.  Ask the question or questions and see what comes to you.


Life is holding out abundance for us, I am sure of it.


What view will you choose today?


Love to you!






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