What’s in Your Space?

So I got an email from my mom yesterday.  My mom is the Queen of Affirmation.  She is amazing how she finds new expressions of verbal affirmation all the time.  The words she chooses, the way she writes, the love and care she conveys…..she is a true gift.  Yesterday was a busy day and I found myself going through emails rather quickly, more in an attempt to “get through” the inbox than to really be with the people in the emails.  Can you relate?


I read my mom’s email for the second time.  I had read it once on my phone earlier in the day, then once on my computer.  I was about to hit delete, when I stopped and thought to myself, “Have I really received her words of affirmation to me?  Have I slowed down long enough to cherish each of those words that she so thoughtfully penned?  Am I enjoying and taking in the gift coming my way?”  I was immediately sobered, and I began to think about how often I fail to fully RECEIVE the life and love that is in my space, the care that is coming towards me, the beauty that is right before me.

Think about it.  Think about someone saying “I love you” to you.  “You are the best.”  “You are amazing.”  “I am so thankful for you.”  Or more specific words such as “You are such a beautiful person,  when you walk into a room your smile lights it up.”  Or simply “Thank you so much.”


Think about a warm touch, a warm embrace, a loving handshake, the hug of your spouse or best friend or child.  Someone walking by you at work and putting their hand on your shoulder.  Touch is a language too.  We have an opportunity each time to receive, to welcome it, to take it into us such that we are never the same, such that we are blessed and inspired and left stronger than before.


Think about gifts given to you, someone’s energy that is nearby, the kind smile of a stranger, the cuddle of your pet. There are so many ways each day that love, goodness, gentleness, kindness, mercy and grace are before us……..Divine gifts right there in our space……..how will we receive them?  Will we receive them or will we be so busy we don’t even notice them?  Will we stop right where we are and breathe in the gift, take a moment to take it into all of us, or will we let it pass us by, will we take it in halfway, will we brush it off, blow it off, just plain miss it because we are unaware?  Or are we used to it from that person so we discount it?


I am convinced that there really is plenty of love for us out there. We just either don’t think we are worth it enough to completely let it change us, or we choose not to slow down enough to be in the gift of the moment and let those expressions wash us, purify us, fill us, and cascade down around us with power and joy.


Today is your new day.  The next time love is in your space, grab it up, celebrate it, and RECEIVE. You are worth it!


Right with you receiving,



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