What’s Behind Door #2?



I am having the coolest time lately watching new doors open.  Not just in my own life, but in the lives of those I am close to.  I am noticing a few things that I want to share about today…observations that are producing excitement and gusto in my life.


It seems that indeed these are days of acceleration.  The days we live in are literally going by fast time-wise, and there is an energy about them that seems accelerated as well.  This is why I think it’s especially important to care well for ourselves, mentally, physically and spiritually.  Just the very word “accelerated” makes me want to slow down so as not to live a ramped up hyper speed life.


And having said that, my spirit is alive, alert, and ready for what’s around the corner each day.  I find myself waking up each morning and just wondering what the day will hold.  What new conversation?  What new revelation?  What new opportunity?  What new possibility?


One thing I am observing is that when we choose “deliberate action” in the direction of what fulfills us doors open.  When we take time to ask ourselves what will fulfill us we are beginning a process of new opportunity.  Also, when we inquire into what we are engaged in that isn’t fulfilling or isn’t fulfilling us anymore, we initiate this process as well.


For it’s in this place that our creative essence arises and is empowered to speak up and lead out.  It’s like we are giving permission to what is deepest in us to come out and take it’s place.  No more limiting conversations, no more shrouds of shoulds and shouldn’ts, and no more not being true to ourselves.  For that’s what got us into this veiled space in the first place.


When we allow ourselves a new dream, and when we take even one step consciously and deliberately in the direction of that dream, we then enter into this interesting environment that both resembles principle and mysticism.  It looks both practical, like the law of gravity, and it looks radiant and magical, like something from another world.


What am I talking about exactly?  I am talking about these doors–these doors that are opening all around us and that are opening for you if you will see and believe.  This process is quite practical…sort of like sowing and reaping or “as a man thinks so he is.”  And this process is dynamic and bright with Divine Light.


Lately, when I have chosen the courage of closing a door in view of that which will fulfill me, it’s not very long before I see a new door opening.  When I have chosen the boldness to say no to something expected of me because I sense it’s the next best step, swiftly some door of new opportunity shows up in my life.


Not that it’s all perfectly lined out mind you.  There are days it feels like I am falling down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland….and yet there is always this shining Light calling me to trust and be at peace.


Start today by checking in and getting specific about fulfillment in your life.  Be willing to look at your relationships, your time, your job—be willing to hold them out with open palms and really wonder.  I’m not saying you have to do only fulfilling things; that is up to you of course.


And I’m starting to believe more and more that life is truly meant to be incredibly fulfilling.  Rewarding.  Powerful.  Beautiful.  Abundant.


Perhaps even for some of you it’s just an attitude shift that will open a new door, who knows?


Or perhaps it’s being open and teachable?


I hope you have an exciting week of playing this great game of life….play hard, play to have fun, and play with an open mind.


As always, I’d love to hear any stories about this is your life!






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