What the Hell, Leap!






Holiday Greetings to you my friends!


By the time I write next week’s blog it will already be the dawn of 2014.  So I want to leave you with a little food for thought between now and then.


I’ve been pondering quite a bit lately what I want in my life, who I want to be, and what kind of impact I want to make on others.  What do I want to create in 2014?


What kind of world do I want to live in?


I’m so done with the whole, “I’m too small to make a difference globally.  But I’m just little ole me, what can I possibly do?”  That conversation is like a computer virus…intentionally bred to keep us playing small and to keep us from realizing how powerful we really are.


2014 will be a new year alright.  It will be a year when we see the Light so illuminated that darkness will begin to dissipate in great measure.  And YOU are a part of this.  The collective Light  (that means you) is gathering momentum…..like when the sun starts to shine after a week of rain and dark clouds.  You can just feel the brilliance and the warmth, and people turn their face to the sky as if to drink it in.


That’s you.  This is us.  This is the accumulation of all the “little ole me’s” around the world choosing now to be Limitless and Free and Whole.


You don’t actually need to DO anything per se.  Just BE your marvelous self.  Just know that when you choose Love, you change the world.  When you KNOW you are a Divine being and live in that knowing, you change the world.


Here is an affirmation I love to pray.  It centers me.  It realigns me.  It guides my choices.  It seems apropos for us right now:


Spirit of all life, be my witness here.  For the sake of my own elevation and the elevation of all life, I shall strive to be harmless to myself and all others.


You see, if we all just lived in kindness the world would be different, radically different.  If we all stayed away from harming others……in thought, in emotion, in deed…..there would be no poverty.  If we ended judgments and complaints and road rage and our unrealistic expectations of others, there would be world peace.


My prayer is that every cell in my body will be about kindness and generosity towards others.


And you know what?  All of this starts with kindness and generosity towards yourself.  Please don’t try to change the world unless you are loving yourself immensely, unconditionally, and radically.  Because if you bypass this, eventually you will come back to it anyway.  Why not start here?


As we end 2013, please take time to reflect, to forgive, to let go.  Don’t take anything across the threshold of this new year that isn’t serving you.  You matter way too much.  Does the world need you?  Yes!  But do you need yourself more?  Yes.


Be your own best friend.  Write yourself a love note before January 1.  Go crazy, go wild, be over the top….tell yourself why you are so madly in love with yourself.  It’s way fun.


Til next week, bless you all.  I want to end with this hilarious quote…it might serve us as we look to a new year:


When in doubt, make a fool of yourself.  There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on earth.  So what the hell, leap.   Cynthia Heimel







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