What Kind of Party Are You?



I’ve decided I am going to start a movement of some kind.


I decided this about a week ago when I was watching a very cool story on a morning news show about a town that spends one weekend a year raising money and awareness for cancer.  It was a powerful story…there I sat on my couch, crying, and declaring to the Universe that I am going to start a movement!


So many amazing movements have been started by ordinary people placing themselves in the hands of an extraordinary God and saying “use me.”


There is a video below that I want you to watch.  My son brought this to me this week and I knew it was perfect for my blog.  You might have seen this before, and if so, I encourage you to watch it again.  The two people who really stand out to me are the first guy and the second guy…..when you watch you’ll know who I am talking about.  Enjoy!



Click here to watch video:  Man Dancing at Festival


This one nutty guy started a movement by getting up and taking risks.  He just decided to get up and dance on a hillside.  What is fascinating to me is that it didn’t become a movement until ONE person decided to follow.  So really that second guy is just as much a leader as the first….their roles are just different.  The first follower changed the name of the game!


What I love about this is that perhaps you feel called to be the first person to initiate something new.  And perhaps you know you want to be the first follower (another kind of leader).  Both places require risk don’t they?


Now I am not saying that we need to always be out starting a movement, and I do believe that we live in days of great global upheaval, days that require us to live outside of ourselves.


It’s time to lay aside any attitudes of “let someone else do it but not me”.  This world needs all of us living intentionally.  We truly can make a difference.


My friend Elizabeth loves to ask people in our trainings, “What kind of party are you?”  We discuss what kind of party the “biosphere” of who we are creates.  What kind of people like to hang with us?  What space for others do our personality, presence, attitudes, and beliefs create?  Are we an invitation for fun or are we an invitation for a pity party?  Do we invite honesty or inauthenticity?  Do we invite joy or negativity?  Do we invite peace or chaos?


I don’t know about you, but when I watched that video I was stirred deep inside.  Stirred by witnessing the power in humans joining together for a common cause.  Stirred by watching how badly we all want to belong, and how in minutes we can be moved to join a bunch of strangers and dance for all it’s worth.  Amazing….amazing how powerful you and I really are.


So…..what kind of party are you?


Getting my dance moves on,



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