What is Growing in Your Yard?





I had an awesome revelation three days ago.  I was sitting at the kitchen table with my two sons when my eldest said, “Oh my gosh, look how green our back yard is!!!”


It is true, the back yard is incredibly green.  You see, down here in Texas we have been in a long drought.  So about a month ago our yard looked like brown dirt.


Today it is full of grass and vibrant green because we have had rain now, and in fact had about four straight days of rain last week.


Now how could my whole yard grow grass that fast?  How could it go from brown to green just like that?  Here is where the revelation came.


Right before the drought started my yard was looking ugly.  There were patches of grass but it was dry and needed some new grass seed.  So I went to Home Depot and bought grass seed, came home and sprinkled it all over my back yard.  I remember the instructions saying something about applying right before a rain or to make sure and water your yard thoroughly afterwards.


Well, I didn’t water the yard because rain was forecasted.  And guess what?  It never rained.  It didn’t rain for about the next 7 months!


So there sat my grass seed, dormant in the dry ground.  But it was present.  It was very present.  It was just waiting for the rains to come so it could sprout forth into fresh vibrant green grass.


My “a-ha” moment came when I realized how much like life this is.  We want new things.  We want transformation.  We want vibrancy, new relationships, new jobs, or satisfaction in old jobs.  We want new life, new ways of seeing things, we want to see the results of our hard work, our efforts, our sowing.


And so we sow.  We plant.  We give.  We believe.  We choose.  We persevere.  We love, we dream, and we hope.  We scatter our seed of trust, forgiveness, and faith.


And sometimes the drought comes.  Sometimes the reaping takes a long time.  Sometimes we don’t see what we long for for a long time and we wonder if our actions and our choices have made any difference at all.


We think to ourselves, “What the heck, where is the fruit?  Where are the rewards of my labor?  Why isn’t the law of attraction working?  Why am I not seeing the manifestation I’ve been sowing for?”


Hold fast.  Keep believing. Steady your course.


The seeds of the new are there, they are present, and they are waiting for just the right time.  They haven’t died or gone away or fallen away.  They are stirring, dwelling in the soil of your sowing.  Hold fast.


I have been sowing for something new in a particular area of my life for 7 months now.  I’ve been diligent.  I’ve worked the inner work faithfully with tears, threshing, forgiving, relinquishing, and praying.  There have been days I have wondered if I would ever get through the drought.  Days I thought I might perish along the way, and days I longed to see the vibrant fruit of my sowing.


At the same time the physical rains came to Austin last week is the same time my inner drought ended.  There is a new day.   The yard of my heart is growing and sprouting and flourishing!!


Hope springs eternal!


It’s been a valuable lesson for me in faithful waiting.  In believing.  In trusting God.


In tethering myself to my understanding that the Universe conspires to make me successful.


Where have you been sowing?  What are you waiting for?


Take heart today.  At just the right time your rains will come and the new dawn will arise in your life.  Remain.  Abide.  Dwell.  Hold fast.  Believe.


Believing with you,










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