“What if I did Know?”



I have a new mantra.


And I love it.


I love the feel of it and the effects of it not only rolling off my tongue but working in my spirit.


What is a mantra?


One definition is: a mystical formula of invocation or incantation.


Ooh I love that one.


Here is another: a word or phrase that is repeated often or that expresses someone’s basic beliefs.


Yes, beautiful.


I was talking deep with a friend the other day about some things occurring in her life, and I heard myself keep saying, “…….oh, I don’t know.” On the back end of saying some really good things, of sharing poignant insights I had, I would disqualify my words with “I don’t know.”


That was fascinating to me. So I started self-correcting right out loud in front of her with, “Well what if I did know!” It started to become rather comical.


The point is, words….the energy of our words, do matter.



I recognized that day with my friend that I had a mantra going of “I don’t know.”  Those are not exactly words that I want as my mystical incantation or prayer of belief!


So are you ready for my new invocation?


There is a Light in me that knows and understands all things.


Shazam – – I love this! ☺


So now, every time I need to know something, every time I need guidance and clarity and direction, I invoke these words.


I don’t just invoke them, I breathe them. I sit in them. I soak in them. I choose to dwell in the peace that this reality summons.


There IS a Light in me. And there is nothing lacking about it.




No limitation, no “but what about this”, no imperfection.


This Light is Divine Perfection, Divine Knowing and Divine Being.


Feel free to make this mantra your own, or perhaps there is another that you prefer that speaks the Truth about who you are.


Listen…these days we live in are wonky and unpredictable. We need to be anchoring ourselves every day, multiple times a day. You don’t want to get swept up by the chaotic din of the world’s energy. I know for me, I’m very intentional about grounding myself in stability.


The stability of the earth, literally. The stability of my own Divine Knowing. The stability of Love that makes its home in my heart.


There are many things I do to center myself, this mantra being one of them.


We have so much assistance with us all the time. We are never alone and never stuck. So if you feel stuck, examine the conversations you’re living in and by all means pick some new ones that reveal ways to use your momentum for abundance and not scarcity.


There is a Light in us that knows and understands all things.


You guys rock! I love you! I’ll be sending a message to you before next Thursday about some new fun I’m engaged in, so be on the look out.

To Freedom,



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