What Do You See?


The image above is of a Korean skyscraper being transformed into an invitation, if you will, for the G-20 Summit that was held in Seoul in 2010.


When I saw this image in National Geographic my first thought was, “My, the power we have to interpret things the way we want to or to ‘see’ what we want to see or to ‘shift’ our perceptions to whatever we want to.”


Just as these workers created a new view of a tall building, so too can we create a new view of anything or anyone.  The key is willingness.  Are we willing to see?


I was listening to a wonderful message recently by Marianne Williamson, one of my favorite teachers.  She was talking about being love and giving love to others…..because it’s what we are made to be and do.  It’s our high calling.


We all know the times when we have experienced someone else as rude, harsh, mean, ugly, or any number of things we would say are justifiable barriers to our “being” love to them.


In her example she was referring to how we might say to God, “God, I just can’t love this person.  They are hurtful to me.  They have done me wrong.  They are angry and bitter, etc.”  And how God then takes a moment to look at this person we are talking about, to really look at them.  And after that moment, He then says, “You know….I quite like them.”


I laughed, and I felt a twinge in my heart when Marianne said that because I realized just how true it is.  God doesn’t measure the way we measure.  God sees with eyes that are free of ego and judgment.  He sees with wise, loving, forgiving eyes.  He sees our innocence, our beauty, and our authentic selves.


And oh how thankful I am that He sees me this way too!  I can always count on His mercy, support, purity, and affirming gaze.


So if love is our high calling, then what are we to do when we find ourselves in relationships and situations that we find so hard to love in?  When we feel like the hurt is so strong it’s blocking the new view we could have?  When we really just can’t seem to see this person the way God does?


This goes back to the question from the beginning.  Are we willing to see?  Are we willing to see something new?


I believe when we say to God, “I am willing to have my perception shifted, please help me”, then something will happen to soften our hearts.  Something will occur to support us in this high calling of love.


I believe when we make this a practice in our lives…..when we choose to shift our perceptions of others regularly, we then become invitations to the world for love, friendship, hope, and healing.


I notice for myself, when I choose to hang onto a view of another that stems from judgment, it’s like my very life constricts.  It’s as if my heart narrows, my vision narrows, and I fall out of touch very quickly with true love.


When I choose openness, forgiveness and a willingness to see the best in others, I feel alive, joyful, and free.


It’s still early in 2012….it’s still the dawn of a new day.  It’s still a great time to go again.


And it will be every day for the rest of our lives.  Here’s to a powerful week of learning!



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