What Are We Waiting For?




Have you ever had that feeling of being alert?  Like where every part of you just felt like it was watching, waiting, looking and listening?  This is how I have felt the past couple of days.  Actually it goes deeper than a feeling…more like an orientation of spirit, body, mind and emotions.


It’s like being present in my daily life, being grounded, and also being up, being higher, being elevated…not bogged down, having clarity and focus.


I wanted to write about it because it’s how I want to live in 2012.  It’s how I think we are being summoned to live life.  Joyous, engaged, having fun, making decisions…..and also with attention, focused, aware, and in tune with Spirit.


It’s amazing how just being present and taking the time to “look around” and notice what and who is around us can open opportunities for us to give our gifts away and to see gifts coming right at us.


I was at the gym today on a bike and the woman next to me was on a treadmill.


I had been reading my email on my phone and listening to music.  I decided to start looking at who was around me.  I decided to tune in my intuition to other people and what might be going on in their lives.


I noticed that this woman next to me had on a bright pink shirt.  Her cell phone cover was bright magenta and her water bottle was purple.  Just last night I had been on my computer studying the symbolism of colors.   I also noticed that she was jogging and everyone else in the treadmill class she was a part of was walking.


I could sense that she really wanted to be healthy and get in shape.  I was touched in my heart.  After I finished my biking I went up to her treadmill and asked her if I could share something with her.  I had barely begun to share about her three colors when her spirit just leaped…..it was as if she could sense good news was coming.  It was quite interesting.  It was as if she could sense that Spirit was keyed in to her heart.


I thought I was sharing stuff that could potentially be considered strange, and yet she was all over it!  By the end of our exchange we were both energized and alert and excited….it was so much fun!


And I realized how easily I could have missed her, missed the opportunity, and missed giving and receiving.  It was only because I took a moment to get outside of myself, to see with my heart so to speak, and to look intently at life going on around me.


I am getting more in touch with my mission to bring Light and Love to this earth.


It’s drawing me, compelling me, and in a way not yet before experienced.


I am realizing more and more that in laying down what I think I know, in laying aside judgment and anything that would make me right and another wrong (in the subtlest of ways), I am so much more free.  I am so much clearer and in tune.


This week will you join me in being aware?  Will you join me in being attune to those attitudes and conversations that put others down or judge their actions?


The world needs us.  The world needs us whole, and I believe that wholeness comes when we can get off right/wrong and good/bad and just live with acceptance and innocence.


“We are the ones we have been waiting for.”  Hopi indian saying





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