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“Makes me think about how each person is so unique and creative and essential but the whole really is greater than the sum of it’s parts.  Alone we are mighty….together we are MIRACULOUS.”


This came from a texting conversation with a good friend the other day.  I love her wording here, and I’ve been pondering this idea of Mighty and Miraculous.


Oh my gosh, we each are so absolutely brilliant!  In fact, I want you to pause in your reading of this, just for a moment, and think of 5 things about yourself that you appreciate.  Don’t hold back….what would someone closest to you say about you…it’s okay to totally gush on yourself, in fact I highly recommend it.


For myself, I appreciate:

  1. The way I listen to others
  2. The calm that emanates from me (most of the time!)
  3. My tenderness
  4. My steadiness
  5. How I love to laugh and can get really spazzy in my playfulness  (okay maybe that was 6, ha!)


I encourage you to spend time appreciating yourself daily.  Stand in awe of your Mightiness.  I’m not kidding.  Take time to lavish love on yourself.  You will be amazed at how good it feels and also how people around you will start to notice these qualities more in you too.   Way fun!


Marianne Williamson says, “A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.”


So, if WE are Miraculous, as my friend says, then WE are instrumental in assisting this shift from fear to love.  And this occurs moment by moment.



It occurs in a smile.


Ever notice how amazing it feels when a total stranger smiles authentically at you?  Ever been feeling anxious, tired or overwhelmed and someone gives you a true blue generous smile?  It melts any negativity present.  It transforms fear to love…..it’s a Miracle.


I ride my bike most days around my greater neighborhood.  I have this loop I make 3-4 times.  I’ve decided to smile at everyone I pass and say, “Good morning” or “Hey there!”  It’s been really fun, and sometimes I even think I like it more when that person doesn’t smile back, cause I get to rest in the knowing that I’m gifting the possibility of a Miracle.


There is a man that I pass almost every time I’m out.  He’s probably in his 70’s and wears cut off blue jean shorts, a button down plaid shirt, and an old baseball hat.  He rides a really old 10 speed bike with the handlebars all jacked up like we used to do in the 80’s.


He and I are Miraculous together.


I am Mighty, but with him I am Miraculous.


We smile at one another and exchange hellos as we blow past each other time and again, and I know we are in the spirit and flow of love and goodness.  We are shining our Light for one another and for the greater WE of our neighborhood, for Austin, for Texas and truly for the world.


With every heart centered glance WE are shifting perceptions from fear to love.


And then there is my mom….always so generous and caring, she teaches me so much about life and love.  Together WE are miraculous.


And there are my Beloveds in East Texas….laughter, ease, joy, intimacy, and freedom.  WE are miraculous.


And my amazing Angels in Austin….faithfulness, support, hilarity, and authenticity.  WE are miraculous.


And my dear old friend in England….that I’ve known for so many years.  She gifts me with her encouragement and openness.  WE are miraculous.


And there’s my friend in Kansas….always reminding me that life is getting better and better.  WE are miraculous.


I could go on and on and on….my sisters, my sons, my family, those who’ve gone before me, my friends, those I barely know……


WHO are you miraculous with?


WHO do you join your Mightiness with to transform fear to love?


REMEMBER today that every bit of LOVE counts.  Every smidgeon you give or share adds to the blaze of infinite Peace that is upon us.


Fear IS passing away, thanks to the WE’s out there, thanks to the global WE that care enough about feeling good that we are not willing to suppress our Glory and Light.


The following is my tribute to ALL the WE’s in my life, known and unknown, that have stepped up and been willing to create miracles with me.


I WANT TO THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  Hope you’ll take a moment to watch/listen to this—it’s a beautiful song by Natalie Merchant.


Click here:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XS4XlzYsrH8


Love always,








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