Us-Them No More




Merry Christmas to you lovely ones.


I’m writing this on the Eve of our Winter Solstice.  For those of you in other countries it has already arrived.  I can sense the anticipation of a new day, as if I am getting ready to go on an exciting trip tomorrow and I am making preparations.


I feel the excitement, and I feel the deep peace.  If you have ever been to a place where it snows a lot, you know the feeling of going outside on a clear winter night.  It’s cold, you can see your breath, and as your feet take steps across the snow there is a wonderful crunchy sound.  The air is still and it holds a dark deep peacefulness.  It’s quite magical and quiet.  This is the sense inside my soul tonight.


The message I bring today is simple and clear, and one I pray provides inspiration for you.



I read this week about these humans that have been discovered to have 24 DNA codons active rather than the usual 20 codons that is the norm for humanity.  They are immune to every illness.  They never get sick.  Most of these are children.


There are three key things that all these people all have in common.


  1. They do not judge the world.  They have stepped out of judgment and see only love and oneness.
  2. They are centered in their heart and motivated by only Love.
  3. They see unity among all beings, an interconnectedness rather than a separation.


As I read this story, I am inspired to become like this.  I truly believe that when we will live as Love like these children we will change our DNA as well.  We will change our world.


Can you imagine a world without sickness?  Without war?  Without judgment?  Without killing?


I can.


Isn’t this…..can this be…..Heaven on Earth?


Peace.  Love.  Joy.  Goodwill towards all.  Harmony.  Acceptance.  Unity.


Isn’t this the Christmas message Christ came to bring?


Us-Them….no more.


Isn’t this the wonderful prophetic possibility that the Magi predicted?


Love.  Unity.  Connectedness.  Love my neighbor as myself.  Unconditional love.  Forgiveness.


So in this next week, I encourage you towards three things.


  1. Ask. Ask for assistance and guidance to live as Love.  To end judgment.  You know, I don’t think it’s normal for us to judge.  I think we’ve been trained into it.  Programmed into it.  Duped into it.
  2. I encourage you to take time to envision the world you want.  To envision the world described above.  To align your heart and mind with the Christ Spirit, which is unlimited and powerful.  It’s due time for us each to take our power back.  The power to choose and make manifest the world we truly want.
  3. Overflow in gratitude and appreciation for the bounty available to you.  A miracle is a change in perception from fear to love.  So as you overflow in appreciation, allow all fear to dissolve and melt away.


It’s time.  It’s time for all of us to know how divine we really are and not be afraid to let that Light shine magnificently and change the world.


You bring Light to me, thank you.


I will be thinking of you this Solstice and Christmas week with deep appreciation!






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