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Today’s blog is about something that’s been on my heart for awhile.  The inspiration comes to me almost daily as I ride my bike or walk past the elementary school around the corner from my house.  I am always out in the morning when various ages of young children are out on the playground at recess.


When was the last time you just stopped for a few minutes and watched little children at play?  Like really watched them with awareness, with all your senses?


They are utterly amazing.  I have been blown away and blessed by intently gazing on these young teachers of mine.


I came up with a stream of consciousness list the other day while observing the kids.  Here it is:


Energy swirl




Arms outstretched





Independent yet unified



Right Now



Kids just do what they feel like doing in the moment.  If they want to bust out a skip then they do.  If they want to sit down on the pebbles then they do.  If they want to grab their friend and bear hug them then they do.  They are truly in the now.


I’m wondering what life would be like with our friends and community or with those we work with or with our families if we chose to “become like little children” more often.  If we let our energy swirl freely with others and if we were spontaneous with our love, laughter and affection.


Why have we become so serious?


When did we become so inhibited?


What simple pleasures are we missing out on?


I mean, who really cares about most of the things we give so much energy to?  At the end of the day, there are so many things that just do not matter compared to enjoying life.


I couldn’t sleep two nights ago.  I was thinking about life.  Thinking about my kids and how much more freer even do I want to be to hang out and play with them without thinking about the next thing on my list to do.


So I made an intention at 2:30 am to relax in a way I never have.  To let go of the mental clutter during the day and just to go through my day slowly, consciously, and with sweet ease.


Sweet ease.


I love those words.  It’s available.  It’s possible.  It’s a mindset we can practice until it becomes more and more our moment by moment reality.  For me, it’s knowing what I want and what I don’t want and choosing the simplicity of childlike presence….of right now participation and of embracing.


The next time you have an opportunity to watch little ones at play, I encourage you to stop and observe.  Breathe and learn.   Take a few moments to really SEE the life energy, the amazing wisdom, and the divine invitation stretching forth it’s hand to you to come and play!


I’m getting younger every day…..practicing youthfulness, play and the NOW.  And I am believing for my body to partner in this also.  Who says we have to grow old?


See ya on the playground,




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