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I am pondering today how much I miss of wonder and love and connection when I am preoccupied with something that doesn’t seem to be working very well or with something I am “trying to figure out.”


Whether that be something in a relationship or something with my health or something at work.  I hold the belief that there is goodness all around us.  That the Universe is 24/7 giving to us….giving us love, giving us hope, giving us loving surprises, giving us courage.


That if our eyes our truly open and if our ears are truly hearing we will find those wonders coming right at us.  It might be in the simple touch a child.  In the smile of a stranger.  In the birth of a new friendship.  In the song playing on the radio in our car.  In the encouraging words just spoken to you.


What seems tragic is that I miss all these magical gifts when I choose to stay focused on my internal conversations about “this or that”.  When I get caught up in swirling thinking that is either attempting to fix something or when I am genuinely troubled by something, or when I am seeking an answer to a situation.


Not that any of these things are bad or wrong or shouldn’t take place. It’s just when I use these things to detach myself, consciously or unconsciously, from the present.  When my head and heart are consumed such that I withhold my love from what is right in front of me.


I’ll give you an example from my own life recently that so impacted me.


I was in a training where I was facilitating a team and making sure things went smoothly.  We were just about to do an exercise with the participants that the team was invited to do also.  Something had just occurred for me that left me in a funk, an angry funk.  The last thing I wanted to do in that moment was to participate in the exercise….I just wanted to sit there and process what happened, and honestly I wanted to be angry for awhile longer.


A sweet friend, not knowing what was going on with me, approached me and asked me if I would be her partner for the exercise.  I said yes because I felt it was what I needed to do. So can you guess what happened?


I spent the first couple of minutes cussing in my head, resisting doing the exercise, resisting the place I was in, and wanting to run away so I could coddle my hurt and frustration.


And this beautiful soul in front of me, not knowing anything, just kept showing up and giving herself to this powerful exercise and to me as her partner in it.


I knew that in front of me was my provision. That the Universe had sent me provision to be delivered from the anger and to step into a new place. And that this was a magical opportunity to choose love, to choose life and to unwrap the “package” hand delivered to me.


It turned out to be such an amazing time.  As I let go of the resistance and accepted the present moment, I ended up experiencing something very powerful in my own life that was healing and life-giving.  I had a beautiful connection with my friend, and I came out from the time with new altitude on what had occurred even before the exercise.


There have continued to be opportunities for me in the past week to practice this–to pull myself from the “vortex” of consuming thoughts and into the Present to notice the Universe at work.  There have been incredible gifts of love, affirmation, freedom, joy, love, affection, peace, and direction coming to me.


So what about you?  Are you receiving the magic coming your way?  Are you ready to get out of the “vortex” and notice LIFE around you?  Can you trust that when you do, what you need will still be there for you and possibly even more so?


Would love to  hear from you any stories of how this has shown up for you!


Watching for the Twinkle,



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