Treasure Allowing




When I was a kid we would eat out occasionally at a restaurant called Sea Island in San Antonio.  I remember nothing about the food, but what I do remember is the treasure chest at the exit from the restaurant.  The treasure chest was filled with bubble gum, and the only reason I enjoyed eating there was because I knew I could dig around in the chest when it was time to leave.


I knew that if I was patient I would get my reward at the end.  When I was a young kid I didn’t sit still for much!  I was a go-getter, always movin and groovin.  I would sit still to read and to watch my favorite cartoons and that was about it.  I especially did not like eating out at restaurants, much less seafood ones.  Ha!  So the bubble gum, the prize, the gem…called me into the patience and stillness required to receive.


I’m learning a lot lately about the treasures of the spirit realm.  The mortal plane we physically exist in has limitations, dead ends, and problems.  The spiritual plane we also reside in, however, is limitless.  In the economy of the Universe there is more than enough for everyone.  There are answers everywhere.  There is a treasure box open for us 24/7.


Albert Einstein once said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.”


I was talking on the phone today with a dear friend that is in a mortal plane situation that appears to present restriction and limitation to him.  And he said something so profound to me.  He said, “I can easily see this through the eyes of scarcity and feel bound, but I know that Spirit has no lack, and I know that I can dwell in and act from a place of NO limitation.   So I am choosing that to be my reality and I know that wisdom will come.”


He is choosing to be still, to believe, and to dig through the treasure box of plenty.  He could so easily choose to complain, to fret, and to think the others involved in the situation are his problem.  But instead he is choosing to align himself consciously with the Laws of the Universe, with the Laws of Spirit, where ONLY goodness and blessing and prosperity exist.


As I was driving to have breakfast with a friend this morning, I was talking on the phone and missed the entry to the highway I needed to be on.  Thank God I did.  There must have been a wreck or something.  Traffic was backed up for miles.  So I pulled off the road and parked at a gas station and called my friend.  No answer.  So I texted, no answer.  So I waited, made a phone call I wanted to make, and called her again.  No answer.


I thought this strange, and I decided to just be.  To sit in the car and wait.  I knew I couldn’t get to the restaurant because of the traffic jam, and so I thought that maybe today just wasn’t the day for us to visit.  After about 10 minutes of sitting there (making a couple of important calls), I still hadn’t heard from her, and it occurred to me to pull out on the road and just check out the traffic situation.  I couldn’t see it from where I was parked.


Well lo and behold it was clear, so off I went, hoping my friend was okay.  Just about a minute later she called and had not gotten my messages because something had occurred where she was at that delayed her.  The timing was perfect.  We met at the restaurant and had a really good time.  It was perfect.


I was reflecting later about how easy and stress-free that all was.  I chose patience and presence and so did she.  We both were delayed but we just stayed calm and waited it out.  I just waited, kind of like when I was a kid at Sea Island and knew the treasure was coming.  I just got in the moment and opened myself to what Spirit would reveal.


There was something revelatory for me in not being able to see the traffic jam while I waited.  I wasn’t focused on the “problem”.  I didn’t stare at it or try to figure out how to fix it.  Being in the  present moment was peaceful, and being confident in the abundance of the spiritual plane provided the grace to wait for direction.


I’m wondering how much treasure is right there for us if only we will be still.  If only we will trust in the Sovereignty of God’s Benevolent Universe, knowing full well that what we need will show up for us in perfect timing.


Each minute of the day we align with one or the other belief:  friendly or hostile universe. We can jump in a moment between them.  The next time you feel stress or fear or angst, take a moment, side with friendly, and allow the treasure to come.


I promise you this treasure chest holds far more than just bubble gum!





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