To the Trash Bin Pronto!

I am assuming all if not most of you are acquainted with dragging things on your computer to the Trash bin.  You know how it goes……we take the things we don’t need or use anymore…..files, photos, documents, mistakes…..we drag them to the little trash bin in the corner of our screen, and “Voila!”, they are gone.  I don’t know about you, but it feels really good to get rid of stuff I don’t need anymore.  I can de-clutter and clear up space for things I really need or for stuff that is important to me.


No, I am not alluding to cleaning your house or cleaning your car or getting rid of belongings that are taking up space.


I am alluding to those conversations in our head that don’t serve us.  Those things we choose to think about that spin us and leave us sideways.  Those images we mull over and over until we find ourselves anxious, confused, or angry.


You know THOSE things don’t you?


Yesterday I became aware that I was having a rather long conversation in my head about a situation I was in with someone.   I quickly realized that my thoughts were taking me nowhere.  I wasn’t solving any problem or generating new possibilities.   Rather I was justifying myself, making myself right about the situation, looking down upon the other person, and taking myself further into egocentric vanities.  Ever happened to you?

Your thinking might be about yourself…….maybe you are tearing yourself down, making yourself right about what a failure you are or how you’ll never “get there”, or how stupid you are.


It can happen before we know it!


Before we know it we are choosing a path away from our vision, away from what we really want, and away from what matters most to us……love, peace, joy, happiness.


So this is my encouragement to you: Take it to the trash bin!

I have discovered a fun way to do this.  I take my hand and symbolically grab the thoughts from my head and drop them into the trash.  I literally lower my arm and drop the “stinkin thinkin” right into that imaginary trash bin beside me.  I keep grabbing and dropping until I feel my head is all clear.  It feels great!


It is such a powerful way to interrupt what isn’t producing life and to literally create a space for new choices.   New choices to speak abundance into that same situation or to see that person with compassion or to leave it alone altogether.


It’s also a good way to inquire into your emotions in the moment so you can understand where that thinking is coming from.  Perhaps you are being triggered from something long ago that has nothing to do with the current person or situation. Perhaps you can invite healing and self-compassion into that place so you can be at ease with the present.


So next time you notice that your thinking is taking an unhealthy path, grab up those thoughts and move them out…….and get back on the path of freedom and fulfillment.


Taking charge of life,






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