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Hey All!  I’m posting a day early this week because I’ll be in a training tomorrow.  Hope you enjoy!


A friend sent this video to me.  I fell in love with this amazing dog.  It’s one of those stories that has such a deeper meaning for us all.


So please watch this 2 minute video about Chica and then read below for a few insights.


Chica Sees


What stands out to me the most from watching this joyful dog is how she isn’t hindered by what she CANNOT see.  She runs free no matter.


And then that makes me wonder how much we hinder ourselves by what we CAN see.


Let me say that again.



Thought #1:  Chica lives so present that she doesn’t allow what she CANNOT see to get in her way.  Do we do the same?


Thought #2: We can see with our eyes, and yet how often do we let what we CAN see actually be the barriers to our own joyful living?


Let’s look at this first thought for a moment.  Here are some things we CANNOT see:


The motives of someone’s heart.


The loving Spirit moving on our behalf 24/7.


Into the mind of another….why they do what they do.


The pain in people that clouds their God essence.


The beliefs held by those we live with, work with, play with.


Often, because we choose not to, we cannot see the innocence of the other.


I believe these things are always present.  Intention.  Emotion.  Thought forms.  Beliefs.  These often silent and hidden things run the world, run relationships and run us.


How sad that we allow these things we cannot see to get in the way of our love.  To get in the way of how we show up around others.  To get in the way of living fully alive and free.


How easy it can be for us to guard ourselves, to withhold our love because we think the other deserves it not, or make up all kinds of stuff about the other.  When we choose this, we miss out on love, beauty and the joy of extending the good, the holy and the generous.


Yes, there is much we cannot see…and like Chica, if we choose, we can live from the heart and live from a much deeper and full of grace space.  Where joy abounds, innocence, passion, and uncontained love.


Now for Thought #2…..we can be so sight bound that we allow what we CAN see to pinch off the flow of well-being in our lives.


Here are some things we CAN see:


The facial expressions of our boss.


The two word reply to our email extending our love and care to a friend.


Low bank account.


The illness that takes our energy.


The actions of someone we love that brings pain to our lives.


A person we love expressing anger or disdain towards us.


We are so trained to rely on what our eyes can physically see that often we can’t see anything else.  Or hear anything else.  There are worlds of unseen around us.  Worlds even in the hearts of those around us.  How can we possibly know what is really going on for another?  It’s incredible to me how much power we give to the seen.


I say that with all compassion, for myself and for you.  It’s what we have known.  It’s been our automatic.


And it’s time to know something else.  It’s time to engage life from a new vantage point.  It’s time to withdraw power from the problematic views we have of seen and unseen.  It’s time to live from our hearts—–from this great center of love and power and wisdom.


These are things we CAN see that echo the strength of the heart:






The wag of our dog’s tail


Beautiful Spring flowers


Open arms



These are things we CANNOT see but can KNOW:


The innocence of all men


The Love of God


The Benevolence of the Universe


Goodness always in flow for us


That we are all one


That everything is working out FOR me



So this week, hold on to all that is true within you.  Establish yourself from the heart, like Chica.  Love bold.  Play hard.  Take risks.  Get into life in every moment.

Believe in love ONLY.


Peace to each of you,







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