To Rock or Not to Rock?





“Don’t rock the boat!”, we grow up hearing.


“Don’t talk about religion or politics at a dinner party.”


“Don’t challenge your elders.”


“Don’t say that, you will upset her.”




So why are the above statements so readily accepted in our culture?


Why do we so easily get in line and follow the norm?


Why are we so afraid of rocking that damn boat?  Ha!


Now I’m not advocating rebellion and rioting, though those do have their place.


I’m not advocating being rude and unloving…….but I am suggesting that, when done or said in love, you might find yourself doing or saying things that others, from their vantage point, might feel are rude or unloving.


Didn’t Jesus rock the boat?


Wasn’t he misunderstood often?


Wasn’t MLK Jr. fairly arrogant in his stand?  Strong?  Wasn’t that boat quaking?


Didn’t Lincoln step on quite a few toes following his vision?


Didn’t Mandela refuse his release from jail to maintain his stance on apartheid?




How often do you dumb yourself down to fit in?  To be accepted?  To be “nice”?



Isn’t it possible to be ALL about LOVE…..and I do mean all about Love, and still walk in your greatest truth?


My rocking the boat this week is to encourage others to listen to their own inner truth first, above all other voices.  We’ve grown up listening to mother, father, minister, and teacher so much that we have weak anorexic muscles when it comes to exercising the practice of honoring our own wisdom and inner being.


It’s high time to be true to ourselves…..with ourselves, with others, in our careers, with our families, and in society.  Yes, it might rock the boat.  Yes, it might create uncomfortability for yourself and others at times.  And yes, it might break rapport in a relationship.


And consider that it also might break open a brand new pathway for another.

It might launch your purpose into high flying success.

It might reveal gifts and wisdom you didn’t even know you had.

It might save a life.  Or two. Or ten.


Do not wait another day to honor your truth.


Do not let another person or institution tell you what is right for you.


Be all in, under the umbrella of LOVE, submitted for the highest good of yourself and others, and then live in freedom.


In boldness.


In courage.


Step up to the plate of your life with great gusto.


No one will do it better than you.  Just relax.  Breathe.  Enjoy the ride.

And avail your heart in the biggest way to Loving.

All is well, all will be well.


Rocking the boat and probably getting wet,



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