Time for the Brave Hearts




I spent yesterday out on the lake with three teenage boys–enjoying the sunshine, the refreshing water, and a fun time together.  Whenever I am out on the lake driving the boat, I feel wonderfully free, no matter what is going on in my life.


You know the feeling?  Alive, joyful, peaceful….FREE!


A teacher I respect says, “The basis of life is freedom.  The purpose of life is joy.”


I believe this.  Wholeheartedly.  And when I am out on the lake feeling free, I recognize that this IS the basis of my life, no matter the place, the time, the circumstances.


I am out to cultivate this place, this space, of maximum freedom within myself.  I actually have a little saying I came up with:  Maximum Manifestation of Freedom.  In my thinking, my emotions, my body, and my soul.  Why would I have anything else?


Why wouldn’t I allow maximum manifestation of freedom to penetrate all of me?


I know this is the basis of my life, the possibility for my life every day, no matter what is going on in or around me.  Because I believe this is “the basis”, it means it can be my every day reality.  Freedom makes up my core.  It is what is truest in me.


So when I feel anything but free, I have strayed from my core.  I’m beginning to see more and more than any place in me that isn’t free is just a temporary false place.  Not who I am, not what I am, not where I’ll always be.


I think it’s so easy to feel the burden, the pressure, the entrapment.  It’s easy because it’s what we know to do, what we’ve always done.


Do you know the feeling of being in the arms of someone you love and that loves you?  Do you know how free that feels?  How safe?  Warm?  Alive?  Where everything is okay and well?


This feeling is maximum manifestation of freedom.  We are One with the Divine…we can feel that wonderful safe place every moment we choose.  When living in the present, allowing the Source of all Love to flow freely, we feel alive, we breathe the sacred, we ARE alive.


When we believe in freedom, when we believe it’s what is truest in us, then we automatically look for and respond to the provision around us to assist in offloading whatever is holding us back.


We have our eyes open and our hearts willing to notice and participate in the pathways of remaking ourselves into beings of unlimited freedom and joy.


Did you catch that?  Unlimited.  Unlimited.  Unlimited.


Limitation of freedom is just a trained mindset.  That’s all.  It can be untrained.  Remade.  It’s only there because over time we have thought consistent thoughts about limitation.  We can just as easily think consistent thoughts with concurrent emotions about UNLIMITED, about FREEDOM.


Today spend a few minutes looking at your thinking.  Just notice what kind of thoughts you engage on a regular basis.  It’s pretty easy to see which ones line up with freedom and which ones line up with lack or limitation.  Notice also what emotions you feel throughout the day.  What thoughts are these tied to?


We live in a universe that is by it’s very nature abundant.  Loving.  Whole.  Free. We are One with this Universe, we have always been One with this Universe, and we hold the keys of access to all its Good.


“Today I awaken to my noble self, realizing that I am a powerful center
of creative energy in this universe, a place where life is delighted to
flow and flow with ease. I stop playing small, and realize that I can
gift myself anything in the world, and I do it with joy.”


It’s time to be radical…..and this radical simply means aligning with what has always been true of us.  It means standing up tall and deciding we will no longer play the game of limitation and entrapment.  It’s linking arms with like minded people and allowing God’s greatest Good to be ours, fully.


Remember William Wallace in Braveheart?  When he shouted FREEDOM in the face of his enemies who expected a plea of mercy? Today is our day to shout freedom in triumph over fear, over giving in to what has always been, and over all the voices of scarcity.


Let Freedom Ring,






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