Time for a Detail



Have you ever seen those people, or maybe you are one of them, that love their cars so much they are always out in the driveway washing, polishing, and vacuuming?


It’s like they are caring for a newborn baby.  There is this incredible attention given to a machine….one can actually observe a relationship taking place, a “love” relationship of sorts.


Come on, you know that isn’t a stretch!  🙂


When I was 16 and had my first car I was one of those in LOVE with my car.  It was a gold Mazda RX-7, sleek and fine.  You can see it in the above photo.  I took care of that car all the time.  If you ever couldn’t find me in the house, chances are I was out in the back driveway cleaning it!


Perhaps for you it isn’t a car, perhaps it’s something else you give great attention to.  Your house, craft, job, kids, finances, or a relationship.  Or perhaps you give great attention to a habit you love, or even to something that isn’t the best thing for you.


We are amazing people aren’t we?  We are capable of so much, and when we focus our energies we can do wondrous things or we can do very destructive things.


I want to draw our focus today onto the conversation from last week of loving ourselves. What if, even for just a week, we gave ourselves the care and attention that someone detailing their car does?  Or we gave ourselves the love and kindness that we give to those we love or the pets we love or the hobby we love?


I was talking with a friend yesterday and we were on this conversation of extreme self care.  Right before the call she had sent me this stream of consciousness text about everything she really wanted in this season of her life…no holds barred!


Like if all the shoulds, coulds, must do’s and have to’s were gone from her life, this is what she would choose.


It was beautiful to read!  I felt as if I were privy to something very sacred going on.


Like I got to listen in on someone touching the Divine, a conversation of desire that was raw perfection, the way God intended it.  It was nascent, do you know that word?


Nascent describes something being born, something coming into existence, something on the cusp of new existence.


I believe in these days we are being asked by Spirit to “go nascent”, to go back to what has been there for us from the beginning.  It’s like an advent or a dawning.


What if we’ve spent all these years missing the pearl of great price?  Thinking it’s what we are running after when in reality it’s way back at the beginning of time, just waiting for our Remembrance and Return?


In it’s most simplest form I am talking about caring, with great detail, for your heart, for your passions, and for your body.  About loving yourself radically.  About doing away with all the shoulds, coulds, must do’s and have to’s.


I’m really not kidding, like really do away with them.


What if we acted out of self-love?  What if we, under the ever-Loving, ever-Perceiving eye of Spirit, actually did what most fulfills us, actually followed our hearts desires without guilt and limitation?


I believe, with all my heart, we would create a world of unfathomable passion, love, generosity, favor, beauty and acceptance.  I believe we have so trained ourselves to fit in, to do what’s expected of us, and to not get too crazy in our dreaming, that we have generated a world of passions gone awry, of lonely stressed out individuals, and of unhealthy unloved people.


Perhaps it’s time for a detail.  It’s time to treat ourselves with the same great exquisite care that we give to the things we love and adore.


Get your chamois out and let’s do some buffing!  Your heart would love a good polishing!


Let’s GO NASCENT!  Spirit is waiting to show you the way.





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