The Weakest Hour



I asked myself upon writing this week’s blog, “What do these readers need to hear?  What message do they want to hear?”  And then it occurred to me that that is the message—the message is the question:


What do you want to hear?


Do you want to hear that all is well?  Do you want to hear that you are loved?  Do you want to hear that everything is going to work out?  Do you want to hear that healing is yours?  Do you want to hear that you can relax and trust?


You see, you are the creator of this weeks message for yourself.  My words to you are, “Pick the message you want and need to hear and make it your truth.”


Make it your truth.  You are doing it every day anyway—you are making something true whenever you choose to think thoughts about it over and over.


So today, pick an encouraging life-giving message and think about it over and over.  Put your energy into it. Think about it in such a way that you begin to feel it.  And when you feel it, you are well on your way to it showing up as so in your life.


Sometimes people have called me a Pollyanna.  And to that I say, “Well, I’d rather be a Pollyanna and be happy than otherwise.”  I can choose any perspective I want that serves me, and I choose those that will support my joy and well-being.


Heck we can always find things to complain about, to argue about, to get down about….no shortage of fodder there!


If we really do create our realities, and I believe we do, then let’s create something that feels good.  Unless of course you want to feel bad.  Or sad.  No problem at all.  I am not saying there are not times for that.




I believe life is supposed to be good, and when it’s not it’s because perspectives have gone awry.


Yes, there are plenty of circumstances out there that we can use to prove otherwise.  But why would we?  What would that prove?  That life really isn’t good after all?  Wouldn’t that then become our message, our truth?  And if we gave enough thought to it, wouldn’t we simply go on and on creating more of the same?


What do you want to hear?


What do you want to believe?


If you want drama, no problem, drama will come knocking at your door.  Won’t take very long either.


Do you want peace?  Then be willing to lay aside any prior truths of anxiety and create a new truth about peace.  Here is one for you to apply: Peace abounds in my life.  My life overflows with peace.  I am a person of Peace.  Every day I see Peace, I feel Peace, I live Peace.


So what would that peace look like?  Feel like?  Now that is a worthy use of your time!  Spend a few minutes a day every day cultivating the experience of peace by focusing on what brings you peace.


You might think I’m nuts, but it’s really quite simple.  Your brain can begin to re-wire in a moment.  It latches onto our thoughts and feelings and then it fires and wires.


And repetition is the name of the game.  “Repetition reinforces the circuits in your brain and forms more neural connections so that in your weakest hour, you don’t talk yourself out of greatness.” 


What message have you been repeating that isn’t serving you?


Could it be, “I’ll never have the love I want.”  “I’ll never have the money I want.”

“No one understands me.”  “I’m not smart enough.”  “Life is the pits.”


Now what message do you want on automatic in your weakest moment—what message will bring you joy?


We are so so powerful.  We are the masters and creators of our lives.  Doesn’t matter if you haven’t felt that way before, you can begin today.


Do you know that when you begin to think and feel differently, in new ways, that your body actually signals new genes?  You could even be pre-disposed to a disease, and when you change your brain you can change that pre-disposition.


Now THAT is power.  And I’m damn well thankful for it.


What message do you want today?  This week?  This month?


Pick one and make it your reality.





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