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“To answer power with power, the Jedi way this is not.  In this war, a danger there is, of losing who we are.”  Yoda


I’m kind of laughing that I ended up on Yoda today.  I started out thinking about what I’ve been pondering lately upon rising, and before I knew it I was looking on Google for Yoda quotes.  It just seems to fit for today’s blog.  🙂


I’ve been waking up for a couple of weeks now deep in thought about my purpose.  I like getting out of bed, for the most part, and starting my day.  I’m a morning person and generally very well pleased to arise and go again for a new day.


For about the past 3 months, I have been taking 15 minutes each morning to just lie in bed right after I wake up.  I enjoy lying there and breathing, placing my hand over my heart, and establishing my mind for the day ahead.  It’s interesting, I feel very awake and alert, yet completely relaxed.


Yesterday during this time, I really started to think about not only what gets me out of bed everyday, but like what really am I meant to be up to during this brief human experience.


It’s something I think about often and have for as long as I can remember.  “To be love” has always been my answer.


So yesterday I feel like I got a fresh glimmer of how to hold this mission in a very tangible practical way, and I wanted to share it with you because perhaps it can provide you with a rich anchor as well.


What if we are here simply to bless creation?  To bless it by extending the GOOD, the HOLY and the BEAUTIFUL in EVERYthing we do, in everything we are. Ummmm.


The good, the holy and the beautiful.  Could it be that simple?


I read those words from a book I am studying in, and I just love them.  To me, they summarize my mission of being love, of being light.


And what I am finding out, as I contemplate mission, is that the more I do extend these three things, the less I want to extend anything else.  What I mean is that the more I think loving thoughts about another, the less I care to judge them.  The longer I go blessing everything and everyone around me, no matter how they are with me, the less I head down the road of blame, defense, or self-protection with my actions.


The more seasoned I become at allowing love to work it’s way in me, the less use I have for making myself right, or complaining, or worrying about who’s doing what.


When I just give up the payoff I get from fear or concern or control, I can breathe into being the gift I am created to be.


And this is so freeing, so fun, so perfect.  So spacious.  Like a big green wide open field of luscious grass.  It doesn’t have to be so hard.  Gosh we do like to complicate things.


We’ve been trained into complaining.  Trained into worry.  Trained into comparison and evaluating and giving ourselves over to what others think about us.  It’s time to pause and get clear about what we really want in our lives.  It’s time to train ourselves for something NEW!


I like the Yoda quote above because it speaks of being different.  Of playing this game with a new set of rules…..the ones that release us to live uniquely and in our highest essence of dignity.


Are we living for approval?  Success?  To fit in, to arrive, to get our list done?


I have learned to relish the idea that I will never get it done and I will never arrive………wahoo, yeehaw, hot diggity dog!


I get to wake up each day and extend the good, the holy and beautiful.  I get to celebrate me every moment of the day.  I get to bless every person I see because I am that powerful.  I am that filled up.  I am that secure.


And so are we all, thank God.

Stay true to yourself this week,









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