The Two Voices




No, this isn’t a blog about the angel on one shoulder and the demon on the other, though it is about something perhaps quite similar.


I’ve been thinking lately about what I will call the Voice for Love.  This voice that is ever present within us–what’s deepest in us actually–that is always speaking for Love.  Always guiding for Love, always reminding us of Love, always showing us what is possible with Love.


And there is this other voice, the one we are most familiar and comfortable with, the one we have been listening to as long as we can remember…the Voice of Personality.


The Voice for Love has been with us always, for as long as we have been existing in consciousness….well, as long as Love has been around.  The other voice was developed, was trained, was rendered, was practiced.  It’s not what’s deepest in us, though we might argue for that because it feels so much like us.


Do we realize that our personality was created by us as we have gone through life?  It’s a culmination of beliefs, upbringing, thoughts, paradigms, fears, culture, etc.  And it’s changeable.  It’s pliable if we are interested in doing the work to transform it.  But still, it will never fully be us.  It’s simply a part of our human story and journey.


The Voice for Love, on the other hand, is anchored, reliable, aligned, trustworthy, and THE tether for our lives.  It will never let us down or lead us astray.  It might call us into that which feels risky to the Voice of Personality, AND yet the Light that accompanies this voice doesn’t ever turn off, no matter how dark the day might feel.


We are in mighty good hands people.  We will never be without the Voice for Love, and this voice not only loves us, but it is within us.  We cannot be separated from that which is the most powerful source of Wisdom in existence!  Oh my!


I feel like I’m just coming to get this, and I imagine I will spend my life learning all that this means. It means that every moment of the day I have access to perfect wisdom.  It means that at any moment, I can stop whatever I’m doing, take a breath, and listen to Love.  It means that a lot of what I have listened to is Personality.  Not necessarily a bad thing, though perhaps not the highest and best and most supportive voice at times.


It means that whenever I realize I am in fear mode, I can pause and switch to Love mode.  Sometimes that will feel instantaneously better and sometimes it will start with just an awareness of safety, of comfort, of relief.


For me, I feel so grateful for this.  Think how many decisions we make a day.  Think how many conversations we have with others and with ourselves.  Think how many opportunities there are for Love to weigh in, to contribute, and to steer.


It’s like there is huge eternal benevolent giant on my side or something.  Someone to look out for me, to coach me, to cuddle me in it’s abundance.  I am blessed indeed!  And so are you.


This week, as you go, commit to being aware that you have ears to hear.  You have ears to hear from Love or from your Personality or from both of course.  I’m not saying that one is right and the other wrong.  I’m looking to align myself with that which I know will most serve me and this world.


And it’s incredibly thrilling to know that when I need direction or wisdom it’s there, it’s present, and I don’t need to go grasping for it either.  It will well up from within me like fresh bubbling water.


This is going to be a good week friends.  I know it.


Enjoy the listening!





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