The Superstars of Today



Today I’m just in one of those teary places….well, I guess I am always prone to tears coming on oh so quickly.  Not sad tears as much as tears from being touched by life, touched by love.  I think I get this from my mom.  🙂


And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Tears are a gift.


Tears immediately bring me straight into the presence of emotion and straight into the Now.


I especially love the tears I am referring to in this blog….tears that come with a deep appreciation of this human experience.  Tears that connect with others, with their struggles and their joys.


I saw a short video this morning about scientist Andre Linde.  He was greeted at his door by a colleague with a bottle of champagne, letting him know that his 30 year life work regarding how the universe began has been backed up with scientific evidence.  He and his wife were precious, grateful and completely amazed.


I cried.


I also read about a mother who laid down behind her car that was rolling in order to save her twins inside.  She didn’t have time to jump into the car so she threw her body down instead.  It worked.  She is very injured but will be okay and the 2 year olds are saved.


More tears.


I want to tell you something today that you might not know.



Being on this human journey is no small thing.  This is a heroic quest.  And I’m not just saying this to try and make a point.  I know it.  What we do everyday, day after day, is profoundly significant.


You are profoundly significant.  You are profoundly a superstar.


Don’t ever play this experience down or minimize how amazing you are.


I do think there are many ways to make this life easier, and I think it’s in our best interest to embrace anything and everything that will anchor us to the Divine and support us.


I don’t think this has to be hard or super stressful or many of the things we make it out to be.  And I do think we are learning everyday how to let go of what doesn’t matter and live the lives that do matter.


There isn’t a right way to go through this thing called Life and there isn’t a wrong way.  It all just is.  Be kind to yourself as you journey.  Find people to journey with that are for your highest good.  Don’t waste your time staying in unhealthy relating.  You are too important and the other person is too.  But you cannot save them.


Take time, take lots and lots of time to notice everything beautiful around you.  I’m having so much fun these days watching and talking to the squirrels in my back yard.  And with the birds and flowers and butterflies and earthworms.


I have a feeling one day we will really understand the importance of moments—If we don’t already.  I don’t think we will care so much about the accomplishments as much as the memorable moments along the way.  We need to slow down and notice how much there is around us to appreciate.


When I started this blog I had no idea where it was going.  And here we are.


Today, take time to appreciate yourself.  Take time to applaud yourself for even embarking on this remarkable life journey.  You are a hero.  Truly you are.


And at the end of the day……well, really right now and continuing…..all that matters is love and compassion.  Nothing else will remain.  Everything other will need to fall away, so don’t be surprised if judgment or anger or comparison doesn’t serve you anymore or doesn’t feel very good.  Let go, let go, let go.


The great I AM is calling all of us home.


With much love and appreciation,




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