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As the Olympics wrapped up last weekend, and as I cried for like the zillionth time watching an event, I asked myself what the deep emotions were really about.  This is what I heard:




If I could sum up the games in one word I think it would be FOR.  Think about this with me for a moment. 


People simply just being FOR another.


Doesn’t matter if they know them or not.  Doesn’t matter what country they are from.  Doesn’t matter what event or even if they are the prime competitor.


There is this wild and radical support that goes on.  This appreciation of the other.  This acknowledgment of spirit.


One of my favorite genres to watch is snowboarding because the competitors themselves show so much support for one another.  It is total gorgeousness of the human/Divine heart.  There they are, having a blast, living their creativity, and in my opinion, loving one another.  As much as they want to win they seem authentically “together” in the quest.


So my very simple question is, “Why don’t we live this way on the streets?  At work?  With those we love the most?”


Why are we not FOR every single person we encounter?  Aren’t we all in this together?  Aren’t we all in need of cheering and support?


It’s time we become unwilling to live any other way.


Comparison, judgment, blame, separation…..these are quickly becoming outdated ways of thinking and living.  They are old programs, no longer fitting, just like your old piece of technology so doesn’t work anymore.


Can you hear the call to a higher way of living?  One that offers respect to all, one that takes personal responsibility, one that reaches for the most evolved way to relating to another, and one that resonates with “blessed are the pure in heart.”


There just simply isn’t anymore space for the victim conversation.  For the “woe is me” conversation.  For the low self-worth conversation.  Nope, these are becoming things of the past.


It’s time for an upgrade of the highest quality.  Time for the deepest healing we’ve yet known.


We are a far greater and more dynamic species than we have been acknowledging.


We temporarily have succumbed to shadow ways that have led us to believe life is hard and there isn’t enough to go around so we better get ahead.


This shows up in competition and insecurity.  It shows up in striving and leading stressful lives.  It shows up in taking ourselves and others too seriously.  It shows up when we blame others for anything.


And I’m here to tell you that these ways are leaving.  This is the best news!


Love is winning out.  Light is saving the day.  Fear is dissolving.


So no matter how you feel in this moment, take heart, give courage to yourself….get up on the platform of victory and peace.


Just choose Love.  Choose trust….faith….surrender.


And all these things shall be given unto you.


And so it is.


Loving you,










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