The Shield


A friend sent this story to me a few days ago, and I knew it was to be this week’s blog.  My heart was deeply impacted, and I believe you will be inspired as well.


I don’t know about you, but I get tired of news of violence, hatred, and conflict.


Do we not exist for love, peace, faith and goodness?  Are we not born as liquid love and pure positive energy?   When we stand in bitterness and anger against another aren’t we separating ourselves from all that we are here for in the first place?  Plus, if for no other reason, it feels bad to judge and condemn another.  Unless we are so accustomed to it that it feels good….for awhile.


Let this story stir your heart and remind you of all that is kind and good.  May the message here today call us all up to the higher way and have us question the status quo and “the way it’s always been.”  There is just so much Goodness to be had, and this Goodness is our inheritance!!



When someone in our “civilized” society steals, lies or hurts someone, we “help” them by punishing them . . .which, when you think about it, is crazy . . .

But I recently heard a story how a tribe deep in the heart of Africa handles such offenses, and it moved me deeply.
You see, whenever someone in this village of a few hundred people steals or causes someone severe harm, the victimizer is brought to the center of the village and everyone joins hands to form a circle around him or her.
Then, one by one, they each take turns telling the perpetrator what they love and appreciate about them, saying things like . . .
. . .”I appreciate you and how you helped me build my hut the other day . . .”
. . .”You are a great provider and a mighty warrior . . .”
. . .”You are fun and my children love playing with you . . .”
. . .”I love how you do your work with such joy . . .”
And sometimes it’s an authentic “I love you” that has been known to bring streams of tears to the eyes of the most hardened person in the center of the circle.
What’s amazing is that this goes on for hours until everyone in the village has had a chance to contribute.
Then, as an amazing symbol of unity . . .
When the last person has said their peace, they open a space in the circle, inviting the person to join them in their rightful place as part of the whole.
They say they do this because they believe that the person in the center of the circle has just temporarily forgotten who they are. And by reminding them of their greatness they can be healed.

May this week be full of appreciation of others, and may healing take place in our lives as we give and receive reminders of our greatness!!


Raising the shield of compassion,















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