The Power in the Simple Adjustments

I seem to notice lately that when I make simple adjustments there is a huge impact.  Let me start with the small things that might even seem kind of silly to you.

I drink English Breakfast tea each morning. Yum.  I usually stir in the cream with a spoon and set the spoon in the sink.  Did you know that doing this totally stains my spoons?  And yet I keep doing it! Finally, two days ago I did the simple act of rinsing the spoons briefly before setting them in the sink.  And walah, no more stains!  Amazing!

I usually park my car by the grass on the left side of my driveway….been doing it that way for almost a year. No real reason, except perhaps that it’s closer to the door??  My grass, right by the driveway, is ailing.  I wonder if it’s because I park there and walk on it?  A few days ago I made the simple adjustment of parking on the other side of my driveway.  Can’t wait to see how my grass thrives.

Get the point?   How about something a little deeper?

I have started taking two minutes two times a day to stop and breathe deeply.  I inhale love for myself and exhale anything that is bothering me.  That is so simple and yet SO beneficial.  I bet those four minutes will add years to my life.  Four minutes…..YEARS added!

I have been practicing “releasing” lately.  Throughout my day when I notice I am holding thoughts or emotions too tightly, I take about 10 seconds to deliberately release these things to God.  I just let go, over and over if I need to.  I do it when I go to bed also.  Simple, takes seconds, and yet profound.  So simple, yet I am adding joy and peace to my being!

What is it for you?  What can you do that doesn’t take that long, that is easy to do, and that will be powerful in your life? I bet something has occurred to you as you have read this.

Perhaps for some of you it’s choosing to be kind to yourself, to affirm yourself, to forgive yourself or someone else, to drink one more glass of water a day, to do 2 minutes of ab work on the floor while you watch tv………the possibilities are endless.

Have fun this week and enjoy the profound benefits of your simple adjustments.  Wahoo!

Enjoying my nice silverware,



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