The Path of the Master




“A master memorizes an internal order regardless of external circumstances.”

Joe Dispenza


I want to be a master.  Ever thought about it?


The other day my sister and I were texting about something, and I sent her my profound response (well profound to me!), and she replied jokingly, “Yes, Sensei.”  We were cracking up, but it struck a chord in me.  The “I want to be a master” chord.


I’ve been in a course of study for a couple of years now called The Way of Mastery.  It’s really a course about mastering ourselves, our inner way, our thinking and our perceiving.  I love it because I feel like my inner being is getting lean and crystal clear.  Kind of like how I imagine a Navy Seal feels after all their training physically and mentally.  Sharp.  Finely tuned. Ready.  Aware.  Powerful.  (Well, not that I am quite there yet!)


I have not arrived by any means, nor will I ever.  And I do love The Path….I love The Path itself!  Travelling on it is adventurous, joyful, intriguing, and demanding.  Demanding in the sense that it calls out in me a certain participation of courage, trust and consistency.


I want to be a master because I have tasted it’s life.  I have tasted the bounty of this “internal order”.  I think it’s what Jesus came to model.  Being so tuned in, turned on and tapped in that life flows, no matter the outward circumstances.  Life just works and it works really well.  There is not a roller coaster ride of drama anymore…more like riding the waves of the ocean….allowing the energy of Source to be our surfboard so to speak.


As I continue to practice the art of allowing, and as I continue to practice living from the orientation of “I have” rather than “I have not”, and as I continue to practice gratitude and appreciation, I continue to experience immense Peace, Goodness, Joy and Freedom….again, regardless of outward happenings.


I am still learning, growing, transforming.  There are days I feel like an infant and days I feel like the mature teacher, and yet always the Light calls me deeper and deeper.  There are always more places to be explored, like entire galaxies inviting me to reach, stretch, release and embrace.


The more I hit my stride, the more exciting it gets to rise each day from my sleep.  “What is today going to show me?  What is going to be revealed to me from God?  How is the Universe going to conspire to surround me with Goodness?”  Ah, yes, the way of mastery once again demands my trust that it may reveal my purpose.


I’m also realizing how truly temporary the human experience is.  And starting to see more and more what a privilege it is.  We won’t always be in this human suit.  We won’t always have the opportunities to astound the stars with the marvelous expressions of human kindness, love and gentleness.


The giving and receiving of kindness and compassion is perhaps I think our most crowning glory.  Those moments we become One Great Light, beaming what is brightest in us to one another, dancing in the swirl of Love, Friendship, and Camaraderie.


We do rock the planet people!  We are awesome!  Find someone to love today.  Find something to laugh at, be grateful for, and be awed by…..


Or just look at yourself in the mirror and say,  “Damn, I am freakin hot!”


Staying the course of The Path,

Sensei Julie  😉


















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