The Old and the New




I’m out sitting in my back yard.  It’s a beautiful day here in Austin.  We just had a really good rain the last couple of days and so new things are sprouting in my yard.  I’m looking at old dead leaves right next to new green shoots, and marveling at the cycle of life.

This, for me, is such a new season.  My mantra lately has been “The old has gone, the new has come!”  I’m just so not willing to hang out in old spaces that aren’t serving me anymore or hang onto old mindsets that aren’t producing life anymore or hang onto old expectations of things that aren’t available anymore.

And at the same time I am realizing there is value to be had in “old” things, for sure!  And what I want is to be “new” in how I hold those old things and in how I relate to them.  Does that make sense?

Take for example my relationships.  I have many “old” relationships, meaning I have had them a long time.  I love the people, I love the relationship, I love what we have!

And I am longing in this season to be NEW in those relationships.  To think anew, to love anew, to see anew.

My children are 13 and 15….two amazing sons.  I never grow tired of looking at them. Each day I see them I have an opportunity to be new and to let them be new.

Will I choose to be present in each NOW to behold them in a new way?  Will I be so present that I look at them with a new wonder, a new thankfulness, a new appreciation?

How about my friendships?  Will I expect the same old thing, or will I actually be open to learn new things about them and give them the space to act in new ways and be with me in new ways?

Will I judge them and then say, “Well, some things never change” or will I experience things I am not so fond of and say, “Same old thing.”

Or will I marvel at who they are and what a gift they are and be thankful for the new gift that they are to me each day?

My favorite words of Jesus are: Behold I make all things new.

There is so much promise and hope in that!  To me, those are some of the most powerful words in existence.

And what is really fascinating to me is the partnership inherent in that.  God does His part to renew, to transform, to sustain all of life, and we have a part to.

And that is to believe.  To see.

We see what we want to see.

We can see the old if we choose that.  Or we can see the new if we care enough.

If we care enough to lay aside our egos, lay aside our judgments, lay aside our desire to be right, lay aside our fears…….

God will always do His part, will we do ours?

I know He has given me the profound ability to LOOK upon my life, upon my relationships, upon what surrounds me, with love, faith, awareness and appreciation.

There is NO lack of grace for that.

Today I am choosing to believe that grace is all around me.  It’s in the tea I am drinking, it’s in my toothpaste, it’s in the air that surrounds me!  GRACE is present, like the air I breathe, to choose new life, to choose wonder and to choose appreciation of my life and relationships.

This Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for you.  And I pray you will know how very loved you are, and what an incredible new blessing you are to me and to so many others.

With great warmth,



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