The Man Among Two Million





Have you heard of the hero James Harrison?


I hadn’t either until two days ago… see, there haven’t been any Hollywood movies made about this hero.  But he’s left his mark on millions, literally.


When James was 14, he underwent major chest surgery in which he needed 13 liters of blood.  Other people’s blood saved his life.  He pledged to be a blood donor when he became 18.


Well what he didn’t know at the time is that his blood is miracle blood.  It has a rare and life-saving antibody that stops babies dying from Rhesus disease, a form of severe anemia.  He has enabled countless mothers to give birth to healthy babies, including his own daughter, Tracey, who had a healthy son thanks to her father’s blood.


They say his blood has saved 2.2 million babies!  He’s been giving blood every few weeks for 56 years.


So why this story today?


It occurred to me that we all have something to give.  No, it might not be this dramatic, but I think we each are the “one among 2 million.”


How you might ask?



Well, for one, notice how Jame’s “pain” (chest surgery) provided the impetus, the response, that changed him and others forever.  Aren’t our painful experiences ALWAYS our teachers, our friends and our avenues?


Secondly, there is no one just like you.  Maybe what you have to give is your incredible smile.  Your words of encouragement.  Your talent for hosting.  Your gift of intuition.


Your attitude.


Your laugh.


Your boldness.


Your light.


This guy made an intention at 14.  He decided to give, never knowing he would give so big, never knowing the impact that his decision would have.


It matters not what kind of blood you have.  How big you think your gift is.  How many you impact.


What matters is your intention to make a difference.  To be the path.


Stop selling yourself short…..stop doubting your gifts, stop underestimating your power.  Stop letting what others think of you be more important than what you think of yourself.


The Universe loves a generous spirit.


My uncle Larry is in the hospital undergoing extreme health challenges.  Makes me cry thinking about it right now.  I don’t want this suffering for him.  And yet, day after day after day (it’s been a long road) he continues to smile, to be positive, to have faith, and to be his authentic self.  I know he’s making a difference for so many, and truly, for his own soul.


You ARE the man among 2 million.  How can you not be?


Present your generous spirit to the Universe today and know that GOOD is prevailing in this world.


With Love and Appreciation,




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