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Have you ever thought about the unknown, as in why the unknown can cause us so much fear, worry, and distress?  When we are in a state of fear then the unknown can contain anything….danger, harm, or even death.  Though we don’t consciously think of it like this necessarily, this unconscious relationship with what we call the unknown can hinder our lives and our enjoyment of life significantly.


If you stop and think about it, isn’t all of life unknown?  Even if we think our day is planned out, it’s really not.  Anything is possible in the next moment.  And yet we categorize known and unknown as if the distinction really exists.  It’s fascinating to me.  We have so programmed ourselves to go for what we deem is safe and predictable, when actually nothing really is predictable.


As I observe that part of me that wants safety so badly, I feel compassion.  Not that safety doesn’t matter—feeling safe is a part of the experience of  well-being.  It’s just that we have elevated the longing for “safe” to a place that doesn’t serve us, and we have decided what it means and how it looks in a way that ends up often limiting our experience of the very well being we are after.


So what if we just let go and learned to thrive in all of it?  What if we believed that the unknown actually contains more of life for us? What if we believed that what’s around the corner in the next moment is EXACTLY what we are suited for?  Rather than going into a situation and calling it unpredictable, as in scary, I’m not equipped, what if I fail, and I could die (emotionally mainly), what if we could feel exhilarated, prepared, this is perfect, and this is what I’m made for?


Do any of these statements sound familiar?


What if I mess up this interview?  What then?


What if this person leaves me?  I couldn’t deal with it.


What if I can’t get everything done today I need to do?  I feel stressed!


What if they die of this cancer?  What if I get cancer?


What if I’m rejected again?  Been there done that…my heart will break.


What if I’m just not good enough?


What if my child makes choices that lead him/her into a terrible place?


The unknown.  Fear.  How about we ask the Source of all life to lift us above how we have chosen to hold the unknown up until now.  I believe, with all my heart, that life is supposed to be good for us.  I believe that well-being is what is most natural to us….it flows through every cell of our being.  So how about we get really excited about aligning once again with this Source?  How about we see this as an exercise in allowing all that is not really us to fall away?


There will always be “what if’s”.  But we can change the way we frame them.  The antidote to fear is knowing that you are with God.  That you can never be separated from Light.  I don’t mean as in there is this relationship “out there” that you must try to connect to daily.  What I mean is that every part of you, down to the quantum particle, is one with God.  Is one with Love.  Is one with Health.  Is one with Peace.


You ARE.  And the experience of this is most magnified when we take a moment to breathe and focus on our heart and feel the truth of this.  It’s all in your heart.

If you will quiet yourself, and focus your attention on your heart and allow the well-being that is there to be felt, you will have entered deep Peace.


It only takes a moment.


The days we live in are magnificent opportunities to re-align our lives where needed.  There is a growing Light, can you feel it?  We are on the verge of humanity experiencing the miraculous as daily bread.  If you like roller coasters, it feels like when you are going up that first high track and you can feel the anticipation of the drop.  Or if you like travelling it’s that feeling when the plane picks up speed and is moving rapidly down the runway on it’s way to taking off and taking you to your favorite destination.


Life is FOR you.  Go to your heart and BE still.  You are made for the unknown.  And there is great joy for you in it….just let it be, knowing all you need is already there for you.


With great love,



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