The Grand Flow




I know you all know the old English nursery rhyme Row Row Row Your Boat.  For some reason I used to love to sing this as a small child.  Maybe because intuitively I knew that “life is but a dream.”


I think it’s a great old song, and yet today I might change the wording to “Flow Flow Flow your boat, gently down the stream,” because I’m finding that actually letting go of the oars and simply “going WITH the flow” is where life is teeming, abundant, playful, and wild with synchronicities!  (and sometimes wild with rapids and not so gentle at all!)


My life lately as been off the charts full of twists and turns to schedule and plans….and I’m learning to reside in a state of ease and trust about it all.  When something shifts, when some unexpected news comes, when something falls through, rather than resisting and constricting, I’m learning more and more to allow, go to my heart, and know that direction will follow.


And when I practice this way of living, it’s truly incredible the experiences that come, the love that is shared, and the fun that is to be had.


In fact, I can preclude any shifts by beginning my day with openness.  By surrendering myself to the Grand Flow as soon as I wake up.  By seeing myself steady and flexible and wise before I’ve even gotten out of bed.



Even though these twists and turns are unexpected they do not need to be feared at all.  Just because they bring with them things unplanned for doesn’t mean you aren’t fully prepared for them.  In fact, I would say just the opposite.


I’d say you are perfectly prepared for them…..and that the unknown can be experienced with a conscious powerful participation, with a deep knowing that All Is Well, and with the understanding that this is where abundant Life shines brightly.


We are trained to think certain ways, to expect certain things, and to control our circumstances and others that we might remain safe and comfortable.


And what if we are here for a much more vivid and delicious life experience?  What if we are all heroes hiding in these human cloaks?  What if the extraordinary can be found in the simplest of things?


Here are a few affirmations I’ve been living in lately:


I am in the perfect flow of Life.


I have all wisdom for the flow of my Life.


I rest easy and abide securely in the Flow.


The next time something unexpected comes, rather than constricting and going to your mind to “think it through”, take a step back, breathe deeply, and focus on your heart.  Feel the anticipation of knowing that something profound is coming your way from the Benevolent Universe.


Flow Flow Flow your boat, gently down the stream of Life.


Answers will come.


Relationships will flower.


Goodness will be shared.


Abundance will be experienced.


In love with this beautiful life,



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