The Golden Ticket


golden ticket



I have a new mantra:  I WILL FOLLOW MY HEART AT ALL TIMES.


Follow logic?  Hmmm, that would be a no.


My thinking mind?  Hmmm, most definitely a no.


Others opinions?  Hmmm, oh heck no!


I suggest we’ve been trained to follow all of the above.  Most of the time.


We have placed high value on being logical.  Reasonable.  Thinking things through.


So what if all that is changing?


What if our True North, our golden ticket, our path to fulfillment, is actually found in following our hearts?


What if motivation needs to take a back seat to inspiration?


Inspiration is Creator-breathed, and it comes to us when we least expect it.  It comes to us when we are listening to our hearts, when we are centered in love.


Inspiration is the great ah-ha moment when we get an idea or inkling and following it makes us come alive.


I cannot tell you how many decisions and plans I’ve made lately that are totally NOT logical!  And in the making of them, others have not understood often and have perhaps even expressed their disagreement.


Following your heart is not always politically correct.  It’s not always status quo.  It’s not always going to please other people.


So how exciting is that?  🙂


I’m convinced we are all way more radical than we allow ourselves to be.


We are way less happy about following the rules than we pretend to be.


We are innovators at our core.


We are profoundly creative and fun.


We are gigantic leaders and powerhouse revolutionaries.


Follow your heart.




Take time to be still and get heart centered.  And simply tune in to your heart.  Quiet the mind, take a few deep breaths and just listen.


It takes some practice to move from mind to heart because we have been so mind-guided.


Make it a game, play with it.  It’s incredible what you will discover.


It’s going to feel risky often.  Different.  Downright sexy.


You can’t get to your preferred future doing life the same way you’ve been doing it up until now.  Things have changed.  Things have upgraded.


The ride we’ve been on is changing tracks, oh thank Heavens!


So buckle up, put on your happy goggles, and get ready to rock-n-roll.


Treat yourself gently.  Your heart will always guide you well.  It’s always the beacon of Light that you need to illuminate the path before you.


It’s kind of like the Willy Wonka factory….magical, beautiful, mystical.  Let your imagination run wild!


I will follow my Heart at ALL times….my Golden Ticket to freedom, joy, and purpose.

With Love,







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