The Frequency of Change




This photo is of the Austin Greenbelt yesterday.  I took one of my sons and a couple of his friends swimming here.  This gorgeous spot is 10 minutes from our house, and it’s been a favorite destination of ours for years.  We are so thankful for the water.   You see, without enough rain this creek is completely dry, completely barren of the amazing life teeming under the surface of the water.


As I was out hiking on the trail, I was marveling at the beauty of Spring and at the beauty of the fresh clear water.  And then that led me to think of how different things around us can look and feel in the various seasons and how incredibly adaptive nature is to change.  It’s made for it.  It doesn’t bat an eye at change.  Yes, it undergoes metamorphosis and yet it doesn’t skip a beat.


It’s hardwired into the DNA of nature to flex, adapt, create, and thrive.  Even during events we would call crisis, nature keeps moving forward, always with it’s eye looking up and out for how it can participate in renewal.  Amazing uh?


And guess what?  As is nature, so are we.


We have been hardwired to adapt and renew.  I believe it is inherent in us to thrive, no matter what.  Not just survive, but thrive.


I think it’s easy for us to believe in surviving.  We are all pretty good at that, and we’ve been trained as a people to survive at all costs.  And I would say it’s in our DNA to survive too.  And that’s a really good thing!  We’d be toast without it!


But let’s consider how different the mindset is for thriving vs. surviving.


It’s not that having a survival mindset is bad or inferior.  It’s just that it’s limited.  It falls short.  It misses the main point of why we are really here.


I’ve been REALLY taking a look lately at my beliefs and paradigms and turning them on their heads to see what will shake out.  I’ve decided to see what I’ve been missing by continuing to live under cultural mindsets that once were so unconscious to me.  Many more still are, and I’m waiting for them to surface with great eagerness.


I want to tell you this.  There was a day when I would have said that turning my beliefs on their head would have been terrifying and scary because of all that would become destabilized in the process.  TODAY is a different day.  Today, meaning this juncture in human history, there are so many open doors, and there is so much provision for us to shed the old, to discover new ways of believing, and to learn to thrive and not just survive.


Fear is going down.  Like really I am not kidding.  There is a frequency of change occurring all around us that is literally providing us with the empowerment to shake off fear, to relinquish what isn’t serving us anymore, and to embrace the adventurous mindset of thriving in every area of our lives.


This week I want to encourage you to consider your beliefs around money, love, success, relationships, spirituality, and health.  Be willing to really take a look at the places where survival motivations reign.  And then be willing to adopt new mindsets of thriving in each of these places.


The next time you hear yourself thinking scarcely about money, affirm out loud that you have more than enough money.  When you hear yourself thinking about your health in an anxious manner, declare out loud that your body loves you and that all your cells are perfect!


Change is in the air.  Change is here FOR you, not to hinder you, not to scare you, but to woo you into beauty, power and abundance.


When you wake up each day, decide to tune into the frequency of change.


Align yourself with what is already innate within you: ABUNDANCE.


I’m telling you….this is your time.  This is your time!


 “When we find our core certainty within, then we no longer look for certainty outside.  

 The unfathomable nature of the ever-changing world ceases  

 to be a source of anxiety and instead is a source of joy and adventure.”  

 ~Deepak Chopra


Have fun and learn heaps this week,




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