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A couple of weeks ago this old song just “randomly” popped into my mind…..more like I was suddenly singing it.  It stopped me in my tracks, and I found myself wondering why I was singing it.  The song is called Refiner’s Fire, and it’s a prayer to be refined like gold, like pure gold.  I haven’t sung this song for years.


All I knew in that moment was that I was touched by the words and it resonated deep within me.


So I was in a training last weekend that my company facilitates, and my friend had a metaphysical book full of Biblical terms.  Guess what I came across?


Refiner’s Fire:  For the transmuting of destructive thoughts into constructive helpful and upbuilding forces. 


I realized immediately why the song had come back to me.  I’ve been deep in “study” and practice about upgrading our thinking, about choosing thoughts that lift us up above the fray of judgment, accusation, blame and anxiety.


I had once sung these lyrics years ago because I thought I had things “wrong” within me that needed purifying.  I sang from a place of desperation, as if God really was just waiting to impact me with His refining fire so finally I could be holy and pleasing to Him.


I now know that this fire is an exhilarating fire of freedom instead!  And that this song is a prayer of deep knowing that “love thinking” will propel us above “ego thinking” to an exotic place of peace, joy, stability, and power.  And that I am always pleasing to Him no matter what.  ALWAYS.


Refining is about freedom.  About freeing something up from whatever is holding it back, from whatever is obstructing beauty and glory.


To transmute something is to alter it to a higher form.  I love to hold the vision of my destructive thinking being altered and set free to BE a constructive, helpful and upbuilding FORCE.


Did you get that word FORCE?  Wow!


My thinking can alter from being something that hurts me and others and gets in the way of pure love, to a FORCE of power, freedom, truth, intimacy, and wholeness.


There is nothing wrong with us.  We are not broken and incomplete.  We don’t need refining so that we can finally arrive to a place of noble deeds and “okayness.”


We want refining so that we can surge forward into authentic living, so that we can be unburdened by ego’s illusions of importance and looking good and being right.


My intention today is to support you in looking at your process of transformation with new eyes, with new hope, and with new heart.  You are an amazing being, on an amazing journey, at an amazing time in history.


There are tugs right and left, above and below, pulling on us to conform, to stay the same, to be mediocre.  And there are tugs drawing us down the river of ascension, beckoning us to embrace our greatness and rich calling.


The latter have a steady flow to them……a brightness that calls softly to us in the gorgeous Spring flowers, in the music that feeds our souls, and even through the conflicts we have with others, or maybe especially in these times.


It’s the brightness of the Refiner’s Fire, wooing us to step up, to believe, to surrender our destructive thinking as we would an old garment.  At any given moment we can choose to look up and align ourselves with the Kind Light from Heaven.


The next time you notice yourself judging another, thinking anxious thoughts about a circumstance you are in, being blaming, shaming, impatient or comparing, call out to the Great Refiner to transmute those destructive thoughts to FORCES at work for your highest good and the highest good of those around you.


“Purify my heart
Let me be as gold and precious silver
Purify my heart
Let me be as gold, pure gold
Refiner’s fire
My heart’s one desire”


This Easter week, know that all is well and you are loved.


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