The Door





The sign read:


“Thank you for paying it forward and keeping our restrooms clean for the next person.”


This was written on the back of a restroom door at Jumpstreet…a fun indoor trampoline place that I took my son to this week.


This might sound silly, but as I read this, I got the coolest infusion of vision and hope.  I thought to myself, “Wow, what if we all lived with this level of care and respect for who is to come after us—whether that be after us on planet earth, or after us using our cart at the grocery store, or after us in the kitchen with our own family.


I can think of all forms of “after us” that this makes me think of.  And this request, if you may, beckons me to inquire into the level of my kindness as one sharing a planet and house and a neighborhood.


To me, this is the perfect charge for all of mankind for all of our days.

There is a man that lives in my neighborhood.  At least four mornings a week he walks all over the hood picking up trash.  He is always wearing headphones and carrying plastic bags which he fills to overflowing throughout the course of his walk. I’m always so impressed and touched when I see him, which is often, and we smile and wave to each other.  He is happy.  Joyful. Excited about his mission.  I’m touched because here is a man that has answered “yes” to the restroom door request.


A friend of mine has a practice that has rubbed off on me, and on days when I’m saying “yes” I practice it too.  It’s to wipe dry the counters in a public restroom. To take an extra 10-15 seconds to dry the counter top for the next person….to pay it forward out of simple kindness and goodness.


As I am writing this, I am thinking of how simple really this principle is.  Just to live looking out for the person that comes after you.


I am so very thankful that there were those that went before me to ensure my well-being, my education, and my health, and to model optimistic living to me.


I’m convinced more than ever before that every moment we choose love instead of fear, light instead of darkness, and compassion instead of anger, we pay it forward…we sow for all who will come after us….whether that be one minute after or one hundred years after.


We do not live alone.  We are a part of something so grande and extravagant….and the smallest of our actions and attitudes really do make a difference.


This excites me.  It stimulates me and compels me to LOVE really big, wide and open.


My latest intention with my sons is to be 100% patient.  And I’m making it a fun pursuit…not to be hard on myself or expect an immediate attainment…..but because it’s what I really want.  They deserve it.  I deserve it.  And why can’t I go for something so beautiful?  In fact, my sons have now taken this on as their pursuit with one another.  This is definitely going to be interesting.  🙂


We are paying it forward…..for one another and for those after us.


And I want to thank YOU too for paying it forward.  You won’t be disappointed.


Love to you,







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