The Delusion of Illusion



“The only thing to be saved from is our illusions about ourselves and others.”

-Marianne Williamson


When I first heard Marianne say these words, I literally stopped the video I was watching because I was so impacted by what she had said. The only thing to be saved from is our illusions about ourselves and others? Ummmmmm…… that is penetrating.


I have always thought I needed to be saved from my sin, saved from evil, saved from temptation, saved from other’s evil intentions towards me, and on and on the list goes.


But what if I only need saving from illusion? Not that some of the above list doesn’t fall under the category of illusion, but what a different frame of reference about “saving” if it’s all about illusion.


What is illusion anyway? The definition is: an erroneous perception of reality, an erroneous concept or belief.


How fascinating! So when I choose to make up stuff about another person, about their actions, their intentions, their choices, then I might just be having an illusion. When I choose to judge myself, decide I am stupid or compare myself to others, most likely I have fallen prey to illusion.


When I choose to assume that I know the “right” way or that I am right and “they” are wrong, then perhaps illusion has a grip on me. When I feel angry or sad because I believe I know what is really going on behind the scenes at work or in a relationship, well that just might be an illusion also.


I say “might be”, but for all of the above examples from my own life, I know they are illusions.


Wow, I sure see how much illusion it’s possible for me to live in!  The delusion of illusion!  You see, when we are under the spell of an illusion, it’s not always easy to see because we idolize being right and feeling good.


I have noticed lately just how easy it is to assign meaning to another’s actions. People that I know really well too. How easy it is for me to choose an interpretation that, at the end of the day, makes them out to be “guilty” in some way. Or an interpretation that means I am not loved or cared for, at least not in the way I would want to be. And it can be in the littlest of things too.


See the illusion there?


Before I know it I can be down some trail of self-promotion, manifesting all kinds of emotions and making waves in my life that impact other people as well……….and ALL because I am making stuff up that I really have no assurance of. Oh I might think I do. I can be really good at finding tons of evidence to show that I am right.


It’s amazing how when I am looking for something to be a certain way, then by golly my ego can come up with all kinds of evidence that says it’s true. And then you throw in emotion and boy am I as right as rain!


At the moment I feel like laughing……laughing at the silliness of it all. Laughing because we are all so human and so in need of saving. Laughing because I choose to be kind to myself, grace giving to myself. There’s no point in being hard on myself. No point in condemning myself for not doing better.


There’s always another opportunity to go again. To seek forgiveness. To initiate a life-giving honest conversation with another.  To choose to lay down my interpretation and let it go.


There is ALWAYS a doorway to reconciliation, and it begins with humility. It begins with acknowledging that you chose illusion and being willing to step out of it for the sake of freedom, for the sake of loving another, for the sake of your authentic self.


And it begins, continues and ends with asking God to save you, again and again and again.

Our illusions aren’t going away as long as we reside in our human skin, so this process of saving gets to be an ongoing one…..and it’s a privileged one.


Today I proclaim an invitation over your life….to step in like a child, to wonder at the grace surrounding you, and to lay down the burden of your illusions.


“There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”  Rumi           


Sending love to you,



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