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This week I’m inspired by a sort-of kid’s film called The Rise of the Guardians.  Have you seen it?  Wow, the messages coming from this animated film are many and they are loud.  My teenage sons always laugh at me when they see me taking notes during a movie.  They are like, “For your blog mom?”


Without trying to give you context for the whole movie and characters, because I think I might lose you, I’ll do my best to share what resonated with me for today.


The basic story of the movie is that there are these Guardians appointed to protect the hearts of children across the world.  They are appointed to be role models, to instill joy and kindness and wonder, and to, through their goodness, essentially protect the children from fear.


One of the main questions posed in the movie is, “What is your center?”


What is your center, meaning, at the core of you, what are you here for?  What drives you?  What is the inspiration behind your choices for life?


For one main character it is:  Wonder


For another:  Fun


The others:  Hope, Dreams, Memories


For each of these characters, this “center” is the driving force behind how they stand as guardians over the children of the world.  It’s how they care for the children, how they love them and what they represent.  For each one this shows up very uniquely.


So I started to think about us, here on planet earth…..what if we saw ourselves as Guardians?  All of us, here to save the world with our Light.  Here to be the guardians of hope, love, wonder, and fun.


And what if we are here to guard the child within us and within others?  Not necessarily just the literal children, but the child inside each of us?


Isn’t it our childlike faith and way of seeing that Jesus said will enter the Kingdom?


Isn’t it the adult in us that has grown rigid, tight, fearful, and controlling?  Isn’t it the adult that has quit believing in goodness and has succumbed to the matrix of cultural norms?


For a moment, I want you to pretend you are a newly appointed guardian.  And as you introduce yourself to the others you say, “I am (name), Guardian of _____”


What is at your center?


What, in you, when you walk in it, saves the day for others?


What provides safe passage for those who’ve lost their way?


What feeds the Light and overcomes darkness?


What are you committed to cause on this earth?  What experience do you want others to have when they are with you?


Marianne Williamson once said that it’s our Light that most frightens us, not our darkness.  That we are scared by how glorious and powerful we really are.  She goes on to say that when we allow ourselves to shine we give others the power to do the same.  “There is nothing enlightened about shrinking…”


Let’s truly be the Guardians we were created to be.  Let’s create our days such that we empower the child within each of us.  Let’s play and have fun!  I really believe we are here to have a grand old time.  Even in the midst of difficulties, if we will remember we are here for freedom, we will begin to manifest more and more of that.


As you walk around this week, in the grocery store and at the dentist and in your neighborhood, stand tall, walk as a Guardian, look around for who might need what you came to Presence.


Is it Love?  Peace?  Grace?  Joy?  Kindness?  Openness?


And perhaps on any given day it’s something new.  Just enjoy this.  Enjoy being the Light you are.  Enjoy giving it away everywhere you go, and watch how people around you light up.


You are not lacking in anything, do you know that?  Dive into that heart center and you will find all Provision.


Standing for LOVE,










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