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I was on the phone recently with a friend of mine from California, and we were talking about all the shifts going on in life lately.  About this accelerated season and how to be in the midst of it all with total peace and well-being.  She said to me, “This is a very Benevolent process.”  That word benevolent jumped out at me and has stayed with me ever since.


Benevolence.  Ahh, what a great word.  Just saying this word out loud over and over cultivates a deep peace within me.  It’s such a strong word to me, deep and robust and full of wonderful Goodness.


So it has me thinking about two main things.  One, do I perceive my life/world/surroundings/others as benevolent or do I perceive them as a threat/scary/to be protected against?  Two, am I showing up in the world and giving myself benevolently?  How am I contributing to this Benevolent process?


I have come to realize that the way I behold reality is merely my perception.  Reality is actually much kinder often than I perceive it to be, and at any moment, I am completely able to choose a new perspective.  We humans have become very adept at trying to squeeze everything and everyone into the interpretation we like best or into the one we have become comfortable with, even when it imprisons us.


Can you imagine what your city would be like if everyone started to believe in Benevolence?  What if just you and your neighbors for one week went around being benevolent people….in your thoughts, attitudes, emotions and actions.  Like seeing the good in everyone.  Suspending all judgment.  Giving off energy of love, happiness and well-being in every moment.  Forgiving incessantly.  Relating to all with innocence and purity.  No comparisons.  No competition….just one big FOR THE OTHER participation.


I think this is what Benevolence is….it’s very framework is FOR.  Benevolence is always FOR us, FOR the other, FOR the unity, FOR the blessing, FOR the healing, FOR compassion, FOR those we have issues with, FOR those we find ourselves bugged by…FOR love.


What if our desire for Benevolence could actually pave the way for the dissolving of ego’s fight to survive?  When I am willing to allow Benevolence, and the belief in it, to have it’s way in me, then “all things will conspire together under the hand of the Holy Spirit to create precisely what I require to be completely set free from all illusion.”


Oh I want that….to be freed from illusion.  To see what God sees, to think the thoughts of God.  It’s been my practice lately, all throughout the day, to stop and check in and ask myself if I am thinking the thoughts of God.  And it’s amazing.  If I realize that I am not, somehow just checking in re-aligns me to the thoughts of God and off I go again, like a child playing in a field of flowers.


You see, the thoughts of God are light-hearted.  They are benevolent, good, peaceful, wise, compassionate, easy going, and joyous.  So it’s pretty easy for me to know if I am thinking as God does based on how I feel.  It’s been a lovely learning experience and one I plan to keep forever.


Benevolence.  Benevolence is God.  Benevolence is us.  We don’t need to go acquire more to have this, merely be willing to allow all that is not this to dissolve, to fade away.  We have gotten used to our small self leading the show…..and it’s time now to allow our big self, our true self, to come to the forefront and take it’s place.


We are so much more powerful than we allow ourselves to be.


This is a very benevolent process we are in.  And it is FOR us.  Drink in the goodness of that today and choose to believe in it.  It won’t be long til you see evidence of it everywhere and you will know that all is well.


FOR you,






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