The Basis of Life



Have you met my dog Liberty?  The above is a photo of him.  He is a miniature poodle, we think around 9 years old now.  We named him Liberty because we wanted to be saying, “Freedom” around our house all the time.  We wanted a symbol right there present in front of us to remind us that Liberty is our birthright.


I just came out on my back porch to write this, and soon after I got out here, Liberty popped just his head out of the dog door flap.  That always cracks me up.  He pops his head out so he can take a look around to see what’s up out here before fully committing to move his whole body through the door.


Now he is sitting in the grass just “being”.  Smelling the air, listening to the sounds, looking at the leaves falling.  He’s so present.  Like this moment is all there is.  Wow, he lives in such truth.  Always impresses me how animals practice so readily the things that would most benefit us if we would do the same.


I guess I thought I’d write about Liberty today because he is constantly modeling for me living in freedom.  Now he has his moments for sure, especially during storms…he gets really anxious.  But what I love about him is his good heart.  I think people that really experience freedom do so because they have learned how to live from a pure heart.


Do you know what I mean?


When one lives from a pure heart they aren’t afflicted with the energy drain that comes from negativity, doubt, comparison, and relationship drama.  They just don’t care about all that, because what is more important is feeling good—actually, feeling great—so they have cultivated a pure heart by practicing forgiveness, trust, letting go, and believing in the innocence of others.


We always say that Liberty doesn’t have a bad bone in him.  He is pure juicy sweetness.  He loves everyone that he encounters.  He sees them all the same…someone to appreciate and love.  He doesn’t size them up, judge their appearance, assess their way of living or compare himself to them.  He just loves.  He just gives.  He just appreciates.  He just shows up open hearted to be goodness to them.


Ummmm.  Wow.  Good stuff.


So someone could say, “Well shouldn’t there be discernment?  What if someone with evil intentions comes along and hurts him?  If he is so innocent and sees only the innocence of others might he get used?”


And to that I say, “Well, yes, I guess that’s always a possibility…..but there’s something Liberty has accessed that I am working towards mastering myself.  You see, he expects goodness.  He believes in it.  And because of this orientation, harm doesn’t come his way.  It’s as if, because of the purity of his heart towards others, towards life, he only attracts more of the same.  He only attracts purity, goodness, and kindness.”


Fascinating uh?


There is a way to live high.  No, not high in the sense of a substance buzz, but high above the conversations of this earthly realm.  Up there with God’s thoughts are.  I say up there, because I know when I experience this “high”, it’s when I am living with altitude on all the silly, base, ego-centered conversations that seem below my authentic self.


And here it is truly heavenly.  It is blissful.  Alive.  Free.  There is liberation upon liberation for my soul.  It’s where I intend to dwell always….I’m working on it.  And in the meantime I have my precious companion Liberty to steer me well, as a beacon, on days I lose my way and get caught in the fog of lower self.


I have Liberty.  I have the laughter of my children.  I have the tall oak trees in my backyard.  I have the sun and the moon.  I have good friends.  And so much more.  All of these are my beacons…and I submit to the Divine presence in each to encourage me, to guide me, and to remind me of who I really am….a deeply and profoundly FREE eternal being.


And this is the basis of life!


Can I get a yeehaw?



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