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So I’ve just returned from an amazing week long vacay in Arkansas with a dear friend of mine.  Oh my gosh what a blast.  Two girls with no plans following Spirit…..driving a massive Suburban up and down and all over the Ozarks.


We rented the Burb knowing we had bikes to haul as well as our massive snack bag, luggage, and well, you know, so many other important things that girls travel with!


When we were picking up the SUV from Enterprise last week, there was an EASY button on the counter right next to us.  If you have not seen these before, when you hit them a man’s voice says, “Well that was easy!”


So we decided right then and there that EASY was going to be the theme of our adventure…..and oh boy was it!


We consciously decided to be IN THE FLOW of life, resting easy through all our moments, and allowing Spirit to guide our every step.  And oh how it played out.


Day after day, hour after hour, EASE marked the way, along with beautiful surprises.  Nothing was forced, nothing was “made” to happen, and nothing was resisted.  We had the favor of the Universe shining upon us, gracing our steps.  We met incredible people each day, ate amazing food, and discovered the coolest places to lodge.


It was really valuable confirmation for me.  A powerful reminder about expectation and manifestation.  A vivid demonstration that we do create our reality with our thoughts and feelings.



If you think something is going to be hard, well, it probably will be.


If you think someone is going to be hard to get along with, well, they probably will be.


If you think everything always works out for you, well, then it probably will.


If you think abundance and favor are your inheritance, well, then you will probably experience them profoundly.


What we pulse out to the Universe is what shows up in our lives.


If you want EASY then think and feel EASY.


Play the game of easy.  Have fun with it.  Affirm it.  Believe it.  Allow it.


Most of us have been taught that life is hard and privileges come only with hard work.  Hmmmm………


It shows up that way because it’s what we’ve always thought about it.


If you want something new then you need to think and feel in that new way.


We are powerful creators.


My friend and I were constantly reminded of this on our journey…..and how much more powerful even because there were two of us in agreement, in alignment, and in allowance.


I went out today and bought an EASY button at Staples.  I’m putting it somewhere where I can see it and hit it frequently and laugh and believe it.


Where in your life are you hitting the HARD button?


Where are you thinking and feeling hard and upstream?


Just breathe…….surrender…..let go.


Even if there is a challenging situation in your life, you can shift your expectation to that of ease and well-being in the midst.  Just start to think in new ways.  Surely and steadily choose to align with the flow of relief and ease.  Expect it.  Know it.  Become it.


Wait not another day to come into the awareness of yourself as powerful creator.


As I frequently say, the Universe is Benevolent and is here to play with you, to bless you and to bring you Good.  So what button will you choose today?


In the flow,



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