Temple of Treasure





Today’s blog is just downright practical.


It’s about being a dweller of heart.


It’s about choosing to reside, or should I say, choosing to know, that your true spiritual center is within you…..in your heart.


You know in the movies when the hero, after being on a quest, ends up finding a temple of gold inside a mountain?


You’ve all seen images of piles of gold and treasure just cascading down like a fountain.  Sparkling, glittering…..wealth upon wealth.


Well, this is your heart center.


Sparkling, glittering….wealth upon wealth.


Our heart center is a treasury of wisdom and resource and guidance.  We are so accustomed to thinking, over-thinking, and using the mind to solve problems…..when actually our heart offers us higher wisdom hands down.


“Not only is it a cellular mass, a muscle that keeps blood flowing, but it is able to transmit and receive electrical signals.  Scientific studies have compared the electrical activity (Cycles Per Second) between the brain and the heart.  The results are that the CPS of the brain averages 0-30 CPS, and the CPS of the heart is at 250!  Therefore, heart is a much more powerful sender and receiver of energy and information.”



I spend time every day “in” my heart center.  I breathe and focus my attention on my heart area.  It only takes a moment to connect there, to be there, to find yourself residing there.  With practice it becomes easier and clearer to center there in a moment.


In a sense, I serve my heart and nourish it with my love and attention and focus, and it in turn serves and nourishes me.


Take a few minutes to still yourself, breathe deeply, and put your loving attention on your heart area.  Just stay there and see how it feels.  I think you’ll notice how peaceful it is and how the conscious mind gets really quiet.


Yesterday I had a very important decision to make.  There was perceived “risk” either way I went, and I clearly needed guidance outside of logic and facts.


As I became still and breathed through my heart center, a remembrance came to me out of nowhere, and it was the piece I needed to make the decision.


I didn’t strive for an answer.  I didn’t get all tense in my body and try to concentrate harder.  In fact, just the opposite.


I got quiet.  I surrendered what I knew.  I gave up figuring anything out.  I trusted that Source had wisdom for me. I relaxed.


Oh, I am always so grateful when I choose the easier path.


I’m learning more and more to forego how I’ve been trained up in “the world” and to live in a space of Divine Knowing.  Sometimes it can feel so “out there” because it calls me into deep trust and can feel a little like walking on air.


But I’m coming to experience how unfathomably Solid it really is.


Your heart.  Solid.  Stable.  Secure.


Have an amazing rest of your week and practice hanging out in the Temple of Treasure.


One Love,



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