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One of the Best Questions You Can Ask

Published on September 14, 2015 By julie gosh

    I am learning…or perhaps I can say, I am remembering more all the time that provision is always present for me. What do I mean by that?   There are no lack of answers. No lack of what we need in any given moment. No lack of support or strength or wisdom or […]

It Matters

Published on April 25, 2013 By julie gosh

      My birthday was on Earth Day, April 22nd.   I had an amazing birthday celebration that went on for days.  It was full of life, joy, laughter, family, and good friends.   And as I reflect back upon all that “went down”, the birthday experience is now full of so many more […]

The Frequency of Change

Published on March 15, 2012 By julie gosh

      This photo is of the Austin Greenbelt yesterday.  I took one of my sons and a couple of his friends swimming here.  This gorgeous spot is 10 minutes from our house, and it’s been a favorite destination of ours for years.  We are so thankful for the water.   You see, without enough […]

What’s Behind Door #2?

Published on March 8, 2012 By julie gosh

    I am having the coolest time lately watching new doors open.  Not just in my own life, but in the lives of those I am close to.  I am noticing a few things that I want to share about today…observations that are producing excitement and gusto in my life.   It seems that […]

Who Says That’s Mundane?

Published on October 27, 2011 By julie gosh

      I was thinking today again about the purpose of this blog.  My vision is to inspire others to live well, to live their best life, and to get in touch with their authentic self.  To that end, I choose to share with you things that I am learning or experiencing that produce […]

What’s Your View?

Published on October 5, 2011 By julie gosh

  Yesterday I was picking up my son from his high school and decided to take a photo of the spot I stand in while waiting for him.  Here it is:     Not bad uh?  This is the “lake” that flows through the center of Austin, and my son’s high school is right next […]

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Published on April 26, 2011 By julie gosh

Hey All! Julie Gosh here, eager to share with you what I have been thinking about lately in terms of  living WELL! Now I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen the movie Snow White in a really long time, and I can’t even tell you all the parts of the story.   And I […]

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