Stick with What Really Matters

Do you ever have those moments when you feel like your life becomes crystal clear as far as what matters? When you are so present in a moment that you get the gyst of it all? What I mean is that you realize what matters most to you. And at the same time you realize what really doesn’t matter in comparison.

I had one of those moments today. One of those moments where time seemed to stop and I had the awareness that loving others, that being love, that being present with another is what really matters. Do you know what I am talking about?

I know I can have more moments like that. More moments of grand clarity and beauty, more moments of tranquility and the blessed assurance that life is about how I choose to be with myself and others in a moment of time. Will I pick love? Will I slow down enough to notice what and who is around me? I can have more of these moments when I decide to…when I discipline myself to re-align, to re-calibrate to my essence, to my Source….which is Love…..right NOW. Love now, not love later, not love from yesterday, but love NOW.

I believe that we are love at our core. That every cell, every molecule, every part of our DNA, is at it’s most basic level, love. We were made in Love, we were dreamt about in Love, and we were created to be Love. So in those moments when we feel anything but love, when we feel “lacking” in love, we can remind ourself that actually, love is what is most natural to us. It’s like the sun behind the clouds….it’s always there, it might just be covered at the moment.

If we will live with awareness, slowing down to notice who we are and whose we are, our days will be fulfilling……not all rosy and perfect, mind you, yet rich and deep and rewarding, because we will have chosen to stick with what really matters… and receiving love.

Honored to be with you,

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